Guess Who’s Watching and… I’m a Terrorist!

If you’re one of the two regular occasional readers of this blog you might get this, for anyone else who happens to stumble upon this post you may not. If I can count on anyone it is somebody paid by a three-letter agency and they’re good. I’m pretty sure they keep tabs on me using stealth because, well it’s about as isolated as an outpost you can get. Still…

It wasn’t long after I posted my plan to support a U.S. Freedom Convoy by encouraging citizens to show up at our respective county seats when, shazaaam! all of a sudden mandates started being removed. Now I can sense what you’re thinking… it wasn’t my post, it was the general swelling up of support for the very idea. Okay, I get it. Can I have my fantasy back now?

Fact is, I don’t care. It matters not at all how we take our nation back as long as we do it effectively and peacefully. That brings me to the terrorist part. As I reported earlier, and now it’s all over the news, Homeland Security is warning against those of us who DARE disagree with the official government talking points. Yeah, well, bite me. Yes, I’m speaking to YOU, Mayorkas (or is that Mydorkass? I get mixed up.) You know damn well what I’ve advocated all along. I see no need for “protests”, much less violence.

We are self-governing citizens  who elect representatives and those representatives are responsible for people like you. All we need to is hold those we choose to represent us accountable. Granted we’ve done a lousy job so far. The bottom line, dude, is we ARE the government, so the whole idea of promulgating some sort of “insurrection” or “revolution” is ridiculous. We already have the best possible framework in place. All we need to do is remove a bunch of top-heavy crap that’s built up and around it and make a few adjustments. It won’t hurt… me, though, if I had my way, a lot of current government employees will find themselves downsized.

Much like that article I posted yesterday, citizens are starting to look around and realizing we need to shed some fat, a lot of fat. Most of this excess, if not all of it is a direct result of centering things around the nation’s capitol. Decentralization is the key. For instance, one congressman touted this bill introduced mandating (there’s that word again) schools teach students in person.

My first thought was of the plight of us rural parents whose only choice would be to either homeschool the old-fashioned way or send our kids to a county school. Some of these kids spend almost as much time on a bus as they do in the classroom. There was a growing trend for private companies to  provide distance elementary and secondary education as an alternative to traditional homeshooling. This legislation would end that. Then I got thinkin’.

The feds actually have no business in education. None. Nowhere in our founding document makes room for this. In fact, if you dig into our history a bit, you’ll find early citizens were far more educated at home than they are today. Now some may argue these were the rich landowners of the day and that may be partly or even entirely true, but they did not have the resources available these days either. Bottom line… get out feds. Just leave.

Thus far I see more and more of rumblings for a Freedom Convoy here in the states. Homeland is bent on shutting it down before it starts. They may succeed but they will have a much harder time batting down the spirit of us citizens who are determined to reclaim our rightful place in our nation.

Stuff that in your crack pipe and smoke it.