Tuesday January 9, 2022 Virginia Special Elections!

If this is your first time here or you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll tell you outright – I am now an election official in Virginia. Last year I worked one primary and one election. The primary was a joke as the opponent for the only contended spot bowed out. This primary should have been canceled.

Fast forward to December 2023 – last month. I get a text message from the Board of Elections President in our county. This is how I first learned about the special election. It wasn’t the main topic of the text sequence – it was brought up by one of the recipients. (The Pres mass texts us so…)

Special Election 2024

Turns out the State Senator for our district has resigned for health reasons. As a good citizen I promptly notified at least one politically active group as this seat is very important for the balance of power in Virginia. I’ve heard nothing from nobody about this election.

So much for good citizenship.

Lemme tell ya – JUST voting ain’t gonna cut it no more. Got that?

As citizens in this SELF-GOVERNING nation – we all have a duty and responsibility to participate in the functions of government. Voting is the very least of it all. We’ve gotten ourselves into this swampy mess because of our “set it and forget it” attitude towards governing. It needs to stop and stop quickly because we are about to lose it all.

By all means if you live in one of the two of the above districts – VOTE.

IF there is a special electio0n in your state – VOTE.

At least do that but set yourself to do more.

Hold those in office accountable. It doesn’t matter whether you voted for them or not, they are still required to represent you AND follow the law of the land. Hold their feet to that fire.

Activate – talk to people, write blog posts (you can post them here, subject to approval – I won’t allow any anti-liberty posting here.). How much effort does it take to start and monitor a local F_B group for goodness sake?

Get involved. Stay involved.

Keep the vote honest – become an election official. Already I’ve spotted potential issues and brought them to the attention of the higher ups. I can tell you this much for an absolute certainty – every election official I’ve come in contact with, no matter the party affiliation, is focused on ensuring a free and fair election with an accurate count.

Now is this true everywhere? No. At least I am convinced it is NOT true. Maricopa County, AZ is a prime example. Pennsylvania is another. Michigan is a third. Then there’s Georgia. Every one of those places is suspect. Not to mention the swamp rats in our nation’s capital who promulgated the J6 fiasco. WHY is all this happening? It is happening because WE, the People, have been asleep at the wheel and the wreckage is visible across the country.

It won’t stop unless we citizens stand up, be counted, AND insist on an accurate count.