American Justice – J6 Political Prisoners vs Verizon Class Action

Quite a Juxtaposition huh?  J6 political prisoners and a Verizon class action suit? What on earth do these to items have in common? More than you might think.

Both are directly tied to the our nation’s justice systems. The Verizon civil suit was filed and adjudicated in the New Jersey court system while charges for the J6 political prisoners languish in the Federal court system.

This from the NJ court docs:

On February 22, 2022, twenty-eight plaintiffs filed a proposed class action on behalf of themselves andall similarly situated former and current New Jersey Verizon Wireless

Note the date. The complaint was filed less than two years ago and has now been decided. Meanwhile many J6 political prisoners have yet to have their constitutionally guaranteed “speedy trial”

For what it’s worth, I have posted about the awful and unconstitutional treatment of these innocent until proven guilty citizens, written my U.S. Senators and seen my U.S. Representative, among other things.

Today I got another email from the class action administrator (I think – the a’holes contact me via email – do I know them from a scammer?). Also today I saw this headline in the Gateway Pundit:

CONFIRMED: MORE ABUSE REPORTED – Heating System Shut Down on Political Prisoners in DC Gulag – With Freezing Temperatures Outside!

Think about that. I’m a few hours south of DC and the temperature outside was 17 degrees yesterday morning and heat was shut off in the DC Gulag? No one will ever convince me this was a coincidence. Furthermore, I’d like to know exactly how gulag officials dealt with this situation. Wouldn’t that be telling?

Meanwhile, I can file for my share ($100 Woo HOO!) of the Verizon class action settlement in the warm comfort of my own home. This is justice? By the way, after looking around the net there is some speculation that Verizon has already implement some sort of subsurcharge to cover their costs. Really? You mean the executives aren’t going to dip into their own pockets to pay this? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you.  Either way, you and I both know where this money will come from. That said there really is some GOOD news…

15. How will the lawyers be paid?

Settlement Class Counsel (see Question 14) will file a motion on or before [DATE] asking the Court to award them attorneys’ fees of up to $33.3 million (which is 33.30% of the $100 million Settlement Fund) plus reimbursement of their litigation expenses.

Isn’t it comforting to know the lawyers won’t starve due to their stellar efforts to bring justice to us Verizon customers? Even better, they need not dip into their own pockets to pay all those expenses they incurred. Here is a link to the entire agreement

Verizon Class Action Settlement Agreement

So, on one hand, we have U. S. Citizens who dared question the results of the 2020 election by going to our nation’s capital and allegedly entered into the Capitol Building i.e. “The People’s House” and… what? It becomes unclear from there.  From the reports I’ve seen they’ve been abused, beaten, starved, denied medical treatment, denied numerous other civil rights – including their right to a speedy trial and still face untold years in prison for far less than many actually convicted of heinous crimes.

On the other hand, we have victims of crappy billing policies by a crappy cell phone provider who now enjoy the right to claim the price of a dinner out (maybe with some change left over) while the lawyers involved each pocket more cash than I’ll ever see in a lifetime.

And that, my dear readers, is AMERICAN justice at it’s finest. Or at least what it has come to.