Happy St. Patrick’s Day – How Long Will THIS Last on FnBook?

I posted this at 7AM

My guess is the idiots on FnBook who scrutinize any and every post to determine whether it conforms the The Masters’ agenda will nix it quick.

If I were a betting man…

Just a note here I won’t be wearin’ the green today. Why not?

Because I am not Catholic!

While St. Pat’s Day is generally accepted as an “Irish” holiday it is really an Irish Catholic holiday because us protestants (meaning here any of the brethren in Christ who is NOT Catholic) don’t worship “saints”.)

If I were to wear any color, it would be orange – the color of the protestants.

Just sayin’

Have a great day and please try not to take twice as long to walk to the pub as you needed to walk to the pub.

Meanwhile a heads up on the whole TicTok controversy thingy:

Here’s one story:

U.S. House Rams Through Bill to Ban TikTok

While I’m not sure if it says so in the story linked below, somewhere, I read this bill includes the so-called “authority” to ban any social media organization that “interferes with an election” or some such.

Mark my words – even that is just the beginning of something even more evil.