Oddly Enough – I Saw This First on MSN News

Seriously, my wife upgraded all her computers to Win11 (YUCK!) for her biz. As I help out during her busy season I find myself starting at the screen of one from time to time. Win11 has a “feature” that pops out a bunch of crap I don’t wanna see, including MSN headlines. (No, I haven’t taken the time to put a stop to that. Call me lazy.) Anyway, yesterday I saw this headline:

Republican’s Constitutional Amendment Would Change How Americans Eat

from a story in Newsweek.  This headline could be taken in several ways but I clicked to see how Rep Thomas Massie, one of the more outspoken conservative voices in the House introduced this legislation. I immediately figured it was a hit piece on Massey. Not so fast.

This morning I was reminded of this story in a meme from 90 Miles From Tyranny:

Okay. Fine. I get the gist but I gotta ask WHY? Why is a constitutional amendment necessary? The way I see things, what the Feds are doing are already unconstitutional. They are already limited to goods that cross state lines. Granted this limitation is ignored as is nearly every other limit in our founding document. The problem is not a failure of our Constitution but our failure to properly enforce it.

Besides this, the chances of such an amendment surviving the grueling process of ratification are slim to none. Nice try Thomas but your effort will only land you another 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Why not introduce some legislation to scale back those laws that are currently raping our liberties. Do you need a list?