Two Conservatives – One Jew – One Christian – Two Opposing Views

Yesterday (Sunday) was a watershed. Actually I could count 2 Christians and 2 Jews if I wanted to complicate things but let’s do keep them simple.

In one corner, we have Mark Levin. In the other corner – Lance Wallnau. It would be hard to imagine two more diametrically opposed viewpoints. I’ll begin with Levin, whom I saw last and work up to Wallnau.

While I’m guessing you can find a replay on Levin’s broadcast on Fox – or one of the products, I’ve nothing to link to.

Levin was joined Lawyer David Schoen. Together they declared and bemoaned the End of Our Constitutional Republic. I was shocked. Then I was livid. Mark, how DARE you! Your pronouncement makes me wonder just how deeply the claws of the statists are embedded in your soul. Have you been turned? Are you a schill for the globalists?

Many times I have said, our republic is not over until someone stands up and announces the end of our republic. I did not expect it to come from “our” side. Surely many have worried that bone, mostly from the conservative end but hearing it from someone hailed to be a stalwart of right thinking – it’s disgusting.

Worse, my wife agreed with him. Earlier this week her co-worker said as much. The general consensus, the hopeless defeatism is what I’ve been battling for far too long. The not-so-subtle shrug of the shoulders, the raising of the hands, and the words passing the lips – “what can we do?”. I disagree. Entirely.

Enter Lance Wallnau. His last show on RAV was a video of an appearance in a Minneapolis church. He was on fire. Even better he was inspiring. For some reason Real America’s Voice breaks up the replay into four segments. All four are below – about an hour total. I doubt if you can watch just one.

Lance began by retelling the story of former Georgia Senator Mike Crotts being raised from the dead because his assignment on this earth was not finished. Indeed, at the time it had literally just started! It was prophesied that Crotts was to leave his business career and go into politics and he was campaigning for his first office when he dropped dead – for 29 minutes no less – of a heart attack. He was literally raised from the dead and promptly lost his first election. Eventually, he did become a State Senator but the message he received was his “assignment was not finished”.

In hindsight, I now see Lance Wallnau’s program as a further prophetic message for our nation. In short, the United States of America is not dead yet! We have an assignment and it is not finished. Wallnau clearly stated this during his message but I “just happened” to see it before watching Mark Levin declare the death of our nation. Wow. Take a look. I’ll be back.





What is the difference between these two perspectives? One, Mark Levin, is looking at the human side – the secular, while Lance Wallnau is looking to God Almighty. What a difference!

Reaching back to my wife and others (her co-worker is not the only culprit here) they, too, are looking at our circumstances. All they can see is how powerful the opposition has grown and how they seem to have everything under control. What they fail to see is God. Nothing is happening today that God does not allow. Nothing. Just as David refused to allow himself to be intimidated by Goliath who dared to defy Almighty God, we Christians, we, the very children of the One True God, need to turn to our Heavenly Father and place our trust, our very lives, in His hands. But that’s not all…

As Lance pointed out – as long as we have breath on this earth, we are here for a reason also. We all have assignments. For myself, I can tell you outright, sometimes posting to this blog seems entirely inadequate. I cannot help feeling I am to do more but I do not know what. What is your assignment? I cannot tell you as I do not know. All I can do is urge you to seek out God for yourself and ask Him to reveal what He has in store for you.

While I may not always be confident I am doing God’s Will to the best of my ability, what I AM confident in is God Himself. I am only human. I am entirely capable of screwing up a one-car funeral but God is, well GOD, and HE does not, can not screw up. My trust is in Him.

If you haven’t already, watch the videos above. Seek out God’s Will for you. We are not finished yet!