The Death of Our Constitution – NOT!

In my previous post I took great exception Mark Levin’s declaration that our nation is “post constitutional” and law of the land is no more. While I absolutely believe Lance Wallnau’s unintended rebuttal was absolutely brilliant, as well as far better than I can do, I still have an itch to scratch.

For anyone who accepts the truth of God’s sovereignty, Lance’s position is easy to see. But what about everyone else? As I stated before, even my own wife, whom I know is a godly woman, is not clearly seeing this. She is being blinded by circumstance.

To this end, I’ll offer a more secular argument.

Suppose a man committed a murder. There were witnesses. There was a smoking gun. It was, unequivocally, unarguably, and unquestionably murder. However the police declined to arrest or charge him.

The people cried out. They insisted the district attorney investigate. The DA also declined to prosecute.

Again an uproar ensued. One brave soul presented the case to a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury declined to indict.

Finally, the people appealed directly to the courts. Surely a court of law would review the start evidence and insist on justice! But, no, the court tossed the case out.

Ignore the details and the reasons for this case. They are not relevant. Instead focus on the facts as presented. All of our systems for justice in this case failed, despite everyone outside the systems agreeing to the guilt of the murderer. Let me ask you…

Does the fact that all these systems failed mean that murder is now legal? Are the laws against murder now null and void? Then how can anyone say the same about our constitution?

This the reality. It is said “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. That axiom certainly applies here. Nor does ignoring the law – in particular the law of our land, our constitution – an excuse to disregard it.

Our constitution stands strong. The real question is – will YOU stand up for our constitution?