Corporate America – Who Will STAND for Liberty

Recently a list of corporations pleading for more gun control was published. My question?

Who are they to defy the Living God?

Make no mistake: gun control is tyranny. We are free citizens of a Constitutional Republic ordained by Almighty God. It is His gift to us. Who dares mock God?

Do you head a corporation? Do you enjoy the economic freedom God has given you to operate your business in this nation? Isn’t it about time you acknowledged Almighty God’s gift to you? For the good of this nation – for your own good do not bow to tyranny!

As a people, as a nation, we must turn to God and ask Him to restore our liberty, our freedoms to this nation. This includes you, corporate America. Do not believe the lies of the controllers. They will fall. They will fall hard in the face of Almighty God.

Let us start a new list – a list of Godly business owners and corporate heads willing to stand up and lead!. Tell our representatives no more. No more of your tyranny! Cease and desist all your efforts to exert further control on the citizens of this nation. Roll back those draconian laws! Let us start with gun control but do not let it end there. Stop the tyranny!

What can you do now? Retweet this message. like it on Facebook and otherwise flood social media with it. Add your name and/or or your companies name to the list of those companies leading this effort. Consider offering a “ISTANDforLiberty” window decal to your customers with their purchases. These are available with or your company name added to the decal.

God will not be mocked! Where do you stand? Will you side with tyranny or do you stand with Almighty God?