Was November 5 the Coldest Day in Virginia History? The Day the Commonwealth Turned Blue.

Moving forward

As we are all painfully aware, the Commonwealth of Virginia turned blue overnight. It looks bleak but I am beginning to see this as an opportunity. Few things starve complacency like an opposition win.

Most of us see this as a Democrat win. True as this may be the bigger picture reveals the win went to the controllers. God knows there are plenty of controllers in both parties. Politics is the very war for control.

When it comes right down to it – our choice is not Republican or Democrat

I saw this morning – Liberty is the White in our nations Red, White and Blue. It hold no color because it cares not for politics. It stands between the Red and the Blue because it draws from both and commits to neither.

The truth is we our true choice is to either:

STAND for Liberty or

kneel to the controllers.

Every single piece of legislation – no matter what side is in power comes down to Liberty or Control.

For example the never ending 2nd Amendment debate is over Gun Control. Yes, we’ve made inroads but the only “wins” in the Liberty column are hard-won reinstatements of rights we never should have lost in the first place.

We need to stand face to face with the controllers and their minions. Make them at least admit they are not after our guns – what they are really demanding is our liberty.

Maybe at some point, some of them will see a light come on. Don’t count on it.

Let us fight on.

God bless,