And Now… Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Pandemic

Publishers Note: This was scheduled for February 7, 2021. I just noticed this post in the “scheduled posts” section only to find it “missed the schedule”. Never saw that before.  I was going to add a meme but I couldn’t find it and found SO MANY addressing this scamdemic, I decided to give it up and consider dedicating a running post or a category to scamdemic memes.

As the Riot Frenzy calms down, here comes the pandemic! Who would have guessed? Personally, I was tempted to put my money on an invasion from outer space. Well, Independence Day IS just around the corner so…

Of course the “experts”, that is everyone from talking media heads to that venerable scientific child genius Greta Somethingorother will surely decry “letting” people out of their cages, er, opening up society too soon as the culprit. After all, everybody KNOWS better – right? The controllers will want us to believe – hook, line and sinker – the pandemic is back because WE DIDN’T OBEY THEM!. Wrong.

What the new outbreak proves to me is the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing – all of it doesn’t work. It cannot work because, just like their communism – regardless of the wrapper – cannot work. Neither works as both defy the same basic principle – these doomed concepts try to circumvent the nature of things. In other words, they go exactly against the perfect engineering of God Almighty. Bad mistake. BAD mistake!

Perfect engineering? But, but… people would DIE! Well… yes, yes they will. Guess what? People die anyway, every day without fail. Death is one of the surest facts of life. We all have a limited time on this earth. Such is actually part of the “Divine Design”. Deal with it. Even denying God will not save you. As for communism, one of the basic built-in faults is it tries to eliminate greed. Humans never have and never will be satisfied with “everybody gets the same”. This simply cannot work within the human mind.

Back to the pandemic epic…

Humans all have what is called an “immune system”. It works like this: a human is exposed to something. The immune system goes into action to defeat the invader. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t work and the human dies but, generally speaking, it works… all by itself. Even better, humans have minds and use these fantastic tools to help the immune system from time to time and increase the odds of survival – often dramatically. For you doubters out there look up the term “mortality rates”. Check the figures for the past few hundred years.

Guess what? Those of us paying attention know this virus is very, very treatable. Even better, with little or no treatment, it seems this virus is no worse than any given variation of a flu virus. So have we to fear?

In my book there is a greater danger lurking. It “hides” in plain sight. Actually the danger does not hide at all. The media shouts it from their lofty perches. The controllers trumpet their call. The danger is the very control the controllers are trying to grab with both hands. Fear is their greatest tool, followed by misdirection and slight of hand – smoke and mirrors if you will.

We need to plant our feet and stand firm as citizens. Deny their greedy grasping fingers as a parent would a child. Yes they will throw fits. They will shout and swear and stamp their feet. Withstand their tantrums. They have to learn the true meaning of “NO”!

God bless,