Fake It Until You… Break It!

If you are trying to make some sense of all of this Wuhan Flu pandemic – this could be your first mistake.

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

For over 100 years and then some, this nation has prospered in spite of the controllers best efforts to stem the flow. While it is true the controllers have not actually tried to shut down our economy – they have indeed thrown wrench after wrench in the works to slow us down. They call this “progress”. As per usual, they say one thing while intending the exact opposite. Consider:

The controllers exact part of nearly every transaction citizens make – i.e. they “tax” everything.

The controllers continue to exact money from citizens for possessing what they’ve bought and paid for in the form of personal and real property taxes, inventory taxes, license fees, etc.

The controllers “redistribute” our wealth or so it seems. From my perspective, much of this wealth is “redistributed” into their own pockets.

The controllers control citizens and thus our prosperity by regulating everything – licenses and permits along with mountains of rules and regulations micromanaging everything we do. I remember seeing print on a can of paint saying “this color is OSHA approved”. Seriously. Some controllers at said letter agency deemed it prudent to “approve” the color black.

I said it before – if we want to supercharge our economy we need do only one thing – get governments out of our way! WE will do the rest!

Now back to the circumstances at hand: this pandemic craziness. Everything I see points to one thing: the controllers are totally bent on destroying our nation. Logically, this makes ZERO sense! In spite of all of their efforts to the contrary, our nation can bounce back from this devastation to generate trillions of dollars worth of profits for the controllers. Why kill this goose laying golden eggs? Why!?

Go back and read John 10:10 again. The controllers do not want prosperity. They want control. Controllers control. It is what they do because it is their nature. While this makes sense to me, I find no logic at all in their desire.

Once one understands how the nature of the controllers differs from the nature of the rest of us, things become more clear. The controllers’ hearts are ruled by hate. They especially hate anyone they do not control and they particularly hate anyone not under their control who also prospers. Control is everything to the controllers. Nothing else matters. Thus they are ruthless as they pursue their passion.

Consider the pandemic nonsense from this perspective. It is all about control. The truth means nothing to the controllers. Facts mean nothing. WE mean nothing. They care not one whit about our nation, our prosperity, our lives. ALL they care about is control – at any cost.

Already they tighten nooses around our necks. They are implementing tracking applications to gain previously unheard of detail about our daily lives. They are pushing plans to clamp down on everything we do. Why? To ensure we comply with every edict they issue. Their goal is to control our every move, our every word, even our every thought. Will they succeed? Who knows? They are determined to so.

Keep in mind, they are not stupid. They know full well this nation is too large – too populous – to efficiently control. This is the reason for their desire to reduce world population by 80%. This is not speculation – this is a fact I, and many others, have documented before. It would be inaccurate to say they want to kill you. “They” don’t know you, nor do “they”. You are nothing to them – a bug on their windshield. It only grieves them to exert the effort to wipe your remains from their view. Rather, you are, at most, an inconvenience.

While I have no doubt the controllers find some amusement pushing buttons to see how we react – much like a child torturing an insect – all of this merely distracts them. Reality dictates they must, after all, bide their time until they meet their ultimate goal of total control. Why not amuse themselves by exercising sheer power from their lofty perches?

Do not be fooled. They will not stop until they have destroyed anything and everything standing in their way. They are relentless. They have to be because should the smoke clear enough for us dirt people to see the playing field… we might just realize just how phony the controllers’ “control” really is. In fact they have none. Not really. They will not and can not until they have us all disarmed with all the tools of forceful compliance directed at our heads. By then they will have declared the Constitution of the United States null and void with the muscle to enforce their decree.

Their goal is to steal our birthright and they are doing right under our noses. They have no compunction about killing us or destroying our nation to reach their brass ring. Right now, the controllers rule by smoke and mirrors. They aim to fake it until they break it.

God bless,