Moving Forward 2021

YHWH will restore our nation!

Long before I started this site, I sought answers to the questions perplexing me.

What is wrong with our nation?

Have we all been living a lie?

Is our freedom a lie?

Is liberty a lie?

If the ideas of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness is true then why does our nation sink deeper and deeper into the muck and mire?

Where is GOD in all of this?

The answers to my questions and prayers came. They still come. GOD ALMIGHTY – YHWH – has NOT abandoned us! HE has been with us all along. WE have ABANDONED HIM! We have gone our own way – sought our own path – while ignoring the truth!

This very day I saw the answer to our nation’s strife clearly. We are not done yet!

YHWH – ALMIGHTY GOD WILL restore our nation! HOW?

We must turn to Him! Confess His only begotten Son Jesus – the Messiah as Lord and believe in our hearts GOD raised him from the dead! (Romans 10:9)

Call our brothers and sisters in Christ to return to GOD – confess our sins and repent of our wicked ways.

Pray daily and ask our Heavenly Father to restore our nation. HE is faithful!

More to come…

May GOD ALMIGHTY, our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus the Messiah bless you and keep you!

Andrew Havens