Is The Door to Door Vaccination Push More Insidious Than Innocent?

Granted, I don’t put much stock in anything the pResident mumbles off his note cards, much less his off the script ramblings. That said, there’s much ado concerning his recent proclamation that federal agents will go door to door to “get people vaccinated”.

After the uproar Fox News reported White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stating this:

“Let me tell you what this is and what it is not,” Psaki responded by again pointing out the federal government is not mandating vaccines. “What this effort is is a continuation of what we have seen as an impactful effort that we’ve had by local public health officials and volunteers in a range of communities over the last month of action.”

Fox also reported this statement:

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday responded to criticism unleashed by some Republicans this week over the Biden administration’s plan to go “door-to-door” to encourage Covid-19 vaccinations in targeted communities, arguing—contrary to what some GOP lawmakers have asserted—it is “absolutely” the business of the federal government to engage in such an push.

Okay. Just so I am straight on this, those charged with enforcing laws in this nation have declared it is “their business” to go door to door to push Covid-19 “vaccinations” upon every citizen in this nation. After all, they are just looking out for us… right? So, just for tickles and grins, I’m going to assume our “fearless leader” is all about benevolence. Wonderful. How does this play out?

Someone knocks on my door, telling me “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Oh joy. Now then, does this person ask me if I or anyone in this household has or has not been “vaccinated” or do they inform me? Let’s assume the former. They ask. My gut response is, “That information is none of your business.”. Now what? Do they nod and go away? Do they first mark their log book? Maybe they will first ask who resides here. Again. Who’s asking and why? Because it if you have to ask, it is none of your business. Should anyone persist in this line of questioning, my inclination is ask them to leave my property. If they refuse I’m then inclined to call my local Sheriff requesting they be removed.

Now what if they tell me who I am and then inform me I have not been “vaccinated”? My gut response is ask how they came by this private information protected by federal statute. There is no valid answer as far as I am concerned. Maybe their information is incorrect. Since they have no legal right to it, then they should leave it at that. Don’t worry agent, I am fully capable of handling my medical needs myself. I have not requested nor do I need your help. Thank you and goodbye. Again, should they refuse to leave I will ask for assistance from my local Sheriff.

Mind you, my responses detailed above are entirely speculative. However they are based on certain principles I feel are valid.

First, my “vaccination” status is nobody’s business. Period.

Second, you may note I have consistently put “vaccination” in quotes. This is because to the best of my knowledge a vaccine for Covid-19 does not exist. The current concoction is not a vaccine and thus the term “vaccinated” as it relates to this virus and/or its variants is a misnomer. A misnomer I refuse to legitimize. In this respect, then, it is impossible for anyone in this nation to be vaccinated for this virus.

Third, An agent, or representative, from the Federal Government is not now nor ever welcome to come knocking on my door to inquire about anything, especially my private health status. For that matter, neither is anyone from the state and local government. If I want your “help”, I’ll ask for it. Thank you.

Now I hate to come across as irritable but I’ve had about enough nonsense from these people. IF any of them had EVER bothered to ask, I’d give them an earful of what I DO want from government. I can pretty much guarantee you, what I have to say, they do not want to hear. In a nutshell: “go away, but empty your pockets of the money extracted from us taxpayers first.” Now for clarity’s sake, I am talking about governments as a whole and no one individual. Individual cases need to be addressed by due process of law. My point is we need to scale back government intervention to the boundaries set by our Constitution.

That said, I wonder… is all this “door to door for your own good” business simply a prelude? When said agent marks the log, is said mark meant to notate with whom to schedule a future visit? Could such a future visit be somewhat less “friendly”? Now before you get your panties in a wad, I’m not sayin’ I’m just askin’.