Posted Thursday on GOD and the Republic (my Substack Newsletter) : Politicians Legislate Crime

On Thursday I posted a new substack article  for GOD and the Republic

Politicians Legislate Crime

In retrospect, I think the title sucks.  I’m not so sure the alternative title below properly says it:

“The Politicians Make Criminals of Us All”

and they double down daily!

On  that same day, the Senate announced passing of a new Red Flag bill (the media calls it “gun safety legislation”).  My concern with this bill is that it will manufacture more criminals by changing a few words. Indeed, my cursory reading of the bill confirms this in at least one instance.

20 Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is
21 amended—
22 (1) in paragraph (21)(C), by striking ‘‘with the
23 principal objective of livelihood and profit’’ and in

24 serting ‘‘to predominantly earn a profit’’;

So, should this become law, anyone who sells a firearm, apparently any firearm for profit (ok, “predominantly earn a profit”, yeah, that makes me feel better.) is “engaged in business”. While I’m no lawyer, I suspect such an act would then make a felon of any such person who does so without an FFL. (Federal Firearms License) Sweet.

Much of the rest of this bill deals with things Congress has no business sticking their nose in, such as “grants” i.e. spending OUR tax dollars for “mental health programs” for schools. While the amounts now seem like a “feel good” pittance, I’m sure they’ll be happy to expand this to billions given the chance. By the way, did this bill originate in the Senate? As it is essentially an appropriations bill, then it is blatantly unconstitutional. Appropriations bills MUST, AS EXPRESSLY STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION, originate in the House.

The bill is 80 pages of mumbo jumbo – it is a mishmash of tweaks and changes to other bills along with some “original” content. Taken as a whole it should be unceremoniously scrapped. Taken in parts? Junk the parts too.

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