@elonmusk RE: Stepping Down as Twitter CEO – An Open Letter

An open letter to Elon Musk…

About your poll as to whether to step down as CEO of Twitter…

While my initial response was along the lines of “WHAT!? Are you kidding? NO! Then I gave pause to thought. This response is from my thoughtful side.

First, lets consider who and what you are. I can only surmise based on the limited information I have so I’ll take a more empirical view. After all, I don’t know you. Some recent personal revelations suggest even if we were “buddy buddy”, I might still not know you. To that end I’ll consider the bigger picture.

Depending on the whims of modern finance you are one, if not the wealthiest man on the planet at this time. How did you get there? First, I have to admit God put you where you are. Don’t get all that excited about this because God also put Joe Biden in the White House and so forth. Your position is not an endorsement.

Still, you have notched success after success, ran or run several multi-billion dollar corporations built from bold and innovative ideas. I doubt if indecisiveness was a factor in these successes. Nor did timidity play a part. Yet now you seem cowed by what? Groups of people you don’t know and who don’t know you? Get real.

For this, you make me wonder. God put you in a place where you can break the chains binding free speech for all. He’s allowed you to give this nation, indeed the world a voice. Do not take that lightly. Yet, if you are going to allow yourself to be ruled by polls and public opinion rather than rule according to principle, than maybe you do need to step down.

As a former -VERY MINORITY – stockholder, it should now be apparent why I was so reluctant to forfeit my shares. This despite the fact that I relinquished my stake at a tidy profit while I stood to lose every nickel if I held on. Not to worry, my stake was tiny, worth only a few hundred dollars. I was never going to suffer by losing it all. But what if I was able to hold on to my position?

Beyond certain legal rights to hold Twitter accountable above and beyond public opinion, my slight finger hold on Twitter gave me a place at the table, I otherwise do not have. I am nobody, just another account holder. I won’t even toss you the twenty-seven cents a day for that blue check mark. Even with my laughable ten shares, I was not much more. I wasn’t trying to kid anybody. I doubt whether you’ll ever see this, much less give it thought. These facts won’t shut me up. Twitter or no, my voice will ring out, if only it lands on deaf ears. My voice, my speech, is a gift from Almighty God. What? You thought God only cares about the movers and shakers in this world? Think again.

So… should you step down as CEO? You are asking the wrong person(s). God put you there, you should be seeking HIS guidance. That said, I do recommend you do not take your place lightly. Even though I am nothing to most in this world, God has given me a place, a tiny voice, and what I have I will reverence it because of He who gifted it to me.