Grrrr! The Feeling Is No Doubt Mutual

Quick update – today I received noticed from Grrrgle that my identity verification was denied. Despite my intense dislike for these folks, I get it that sometimes things don’t go as planned. What got under my skin was this same notice informed me I have “ONE MORE CHANCE” to verify my id. Really? Like it is my fault they didn’t get exactly what they wanted, how they wanted it. I did my best. Their system accepted my id and I checked – it was clear. Now I did try submit one that was a bit hard to read and their system rejected it so… what the heck went wrong. Typical of 8,000 lb Grrrillas like Grrrgle, they don’t explain. They don’t have to. All they need to do is turn their thumbs up or down depending on whatever suits their mood.

I resubmitted using a different method. We’ll wait and see what happens. Oi.