Police State Movie Review

First things first, I go to long on to TLC and my site is down so I have no idea when this will be posted. UPDATE: The issue seems to be with the PHP version used so y’all can nix any conspiracy theories 🙂

If you read my previous post then you know I bought this movie on DVD. It arrived Tuesday. I didn’t see the notice until Wednesday and we finally watched it on Thursday.

Police State is apparently available on Rumble I embedded it below for your convenience. I say “apparently” because I finally decided to try to stream 2000 Mules. It is listed on Rumble but it comes up with a short message from Dinesh to jump through some hoops first. Since I don’t think I can do that on my television setup, I haven’t tried it yet.

This movie is first rate. It is well produced and well presented. It is also just a bit scary – depending on how easily you are intimidated. All that said, I did not find much revealed I did not already know. This is not because I am all that savvy. Everything – or most everything – stated in the movie is readily available to anyone paying attention.

While they didn’t come right out and say it plainly – they made the case that our nation is already a police state. We a living in an illusion of freedom. Granted, the control is not complete and will not be until we are totally disarmed but the squeeze is on. Am I alarmed? Well, yes. And no. Allow me to elaborate.

Of course I am alarmed. We all should be alarmed. As Dan Bongino stated in the movie “This is not the country I grew up in.” That pretty much says it all. Should we choose to stand by and let it happen, the usurpers will seize control of everything and we well be forced on our knees or in a grave. So why then, do I say “no”, I am not all that alarmed.

For the most part, my trust is in God. I know He is in control and none of this can happen without His permission. As I’ve said before, the one-world (global) government is prophesied and we could be witnessing the fulfillment of these prophesies. I also believe God could stop all this cold. However we need to come to Him and ask Him to deliver us from this evil. I do as much every single day. Apparently, my pleadings alone are not enough so feel free to chime in. Meanwhile I do what I can, when I can, and live my life. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to live my life in fear.

Meanwhile, I’m conversing, more or less, with KrisAnne Hall about constitutional and other issues. She stated:

This is why VOTING & ELECTIONS ARE NOT a suitable (or intended to be) control of elected persons.

We The People MUST:

1. KNOW how government is supposed to and constitutionally designed to work AND

2. Be the constant control over those in government!

We have been taught lies for so long (since 1830) we believe we have no power and have no idea how to exercise the power we have- Know!

Okay so she alludes to the existence of other means to control those we elect into office. Now I take it we can extend said control over those hired to carry out official duties. Okay. Fine. What are they? She points to her Liberty classes. I asked where in those classes is this taught.

Now look, I’m not trying to be difficult but my time on this earth becomes more limited every day. The last thing I need is another squirrel to distract me. Certainly if there are things I can do to exert my God-given authority, I’m all ears. Even better if I can increase such leverage by joining with other citizens. Recently, I saw an interview on Lance Wallnau with the head of an organization called Kinetic Faith. His organization teaches others to utilize such leverage. While I’m keeping this in mind, I haven’t reached out to them. I may not for the same reasons I’m not delving into KrisAnne’s Liberty curriculum.

One of the reasons I’m avoiding this is because I know myself all too well. I have great intentions but I have lousy “executive skills”. In short, I’m an idea man, not a organizational man. Believe me, I’ve tried and tried again. I have failed at running an organization of one. (me). Given some sort of structure, I can do well enough, very well at times, but on my own, well there’s those darn squirrels, not to mention the rabbit holes. Let’s not go there.

The other reason is God has not directed me to do these things. Now, nothing against Him, but I’ve been down similar paths before and, well, I wonder how often I just think I’ve heard from Him rather than actually hearing. Now look, I know of at least one time I really, really did here a voice “from God”. He saved my life by warning me of some idiot driver who was about to swerve into our car. My wife heard Him at the same time. Now was this God Himself or an angel? Was it audible or not? I don’t know to this day. All I know is the warning was clear and a collision was avoided. Other than that one instance, I’ve been forced to listen for the “still small voice” and I’m pretty sure there’s a place in my own mind too eager to make up for His silence. The bottom line is, I’d need some more sure direction, if not a burning bush, in order for me to begin some major endeavor.

Meanwhile I do my best by continuing to write and post.

Oh yeah! One more thing, while watching the movie I got this creepy feeling and started wondering when I might become prominent on the radar. While I’m sure if the globalists were paying any attention to me at all, they would certainly not like what I have to say. On the other hand, my blog, my posts, and so forth are quite obscure. As far as radar is concerned, I’m a dust speck. Should there come a time when “the authorities” come knocking on my door, it might be an indication to head for the hills because I am no threat to anyone. For that reason if you come back and see my site down, disabled, or vanished for any period of time, OR I’ve stopped posting altogether without warning, chances are I am either dead or detained. (Now that I think about it, I’ll post this much as a sticky. You read it here first.)