Update on What’s Happening Around Here (No, I have NOT been Disappeared)

WHEW! It’s been a month and then some. For those of you, who have stopped by to find nothing new or worse… a broken site, lemme tell ya.

It’s all good.

Nobody has come knocking on my door – a distinct advantage of having a blog nobody reads. I’m still alive and kicking, but I have been busy. More on that in a bit.

The past few days have been a challenge after I decided to launch a new website “I Shoot 22“. Whoa there! No need to rush over. You won’t see much at this point. For one reason was – somehow when installing WordPress on that domain, I broke this one. And it has been a bear getting it back. As you can see, everything is now hunky dory.

Before that, I got talking to an old acquaintance, Avner Netz (Yes, that IS is real name!) He is a shopping cart developer and a good one. His cart is very stable – going on 20 years now – and chock full of just about anything anyone might need. But… he’s a developer, not a marketer so  his platform simply hasn’t grown like some others. That’s okay by him, he doesn’t have to be number 1 in the hit parade. All he wants is a few more decent customers and he asked me for some help and I agreed.

So that’s where I’ve been. Soon, I’ll post more about Netzcart (catchy, huh) and so on but for now I just wanted to let you know all is well and I have not been “disappeared”. Mom.