Y’all should know, but if you don’t, I love Lance Wallnau. This doesn’t mean I always agree with him but his focus so closely resembles my own – looking at politics from a biblical perspective – how can I not?

Soooo… Saturday’s last segment on Firewall in RAV was a bit of a shocker.

Before I get to that, I should mention he spent most of the program interviewing legal expert Cynthia Dunbar. What impressed me about her was her bit about God’s part in our constitutional republic. This from her Linkedin profile:

My work is geared to the return of our nation to the Rule of Law embraced by our Founding Fathers to govern our Constitutional Republic, as expressly identified within our Declaration of Independence.

Where have you heard THAT sort of thinking before? (If you don’t know, please read some of my previous posts.)

Getting back to Lance and his backwards view – at the end of this broadcast he’s on the clear board demonstrating how the adversary influences a nation and its people. So far so good. He explains on how a “little corruption” opens the door. He then turns to our nation and still his analogy is spot on. So where does he go wrong?

He begins with abortion, (about six minutes in for the impatient) then moves to “the transing of America” and the collapse of the sanctity of marriage. Maybe I’m seeing this wrong but it seems to be to be in the exact WRONG order! Here’s what I mean:

Years, decades now, a pastor mentioned the startling statistic about how divorce among Christians in the US happens at about the same rate as among non-Christians. What? You heard right.  Now ask yourself – shouldn’t the “sanctity of marriage” be strongest among Christians? If it were then why are so many of us divorcing our spouses?

If you want to talk about influence, I think we need to back up – waaaaay far back – to see how we Christians have allowed ourselves to be compromised. Yeah. Our problems didn’t start with “gay rights” or even “free love”. In fact, they’ve been with our nation long before we actually were a nation. Put flatly, sin is always a problem – more so for those of us who claim Christ as Lord and Savior because we should know better. The bigger problem is our acceptance of sin and sinful behavior. Remember the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery? You know… “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”? What did Jesus say to her afterward? “Go and sin no more.”

I knew a woman years ago who’s pastor was caught in an affair with a married parishioner. They both left their spouses and married each other. The startling thing is how the church body responded. Fully half of them stuck with the pastor. I’m not saying he should not  have been forgiven but I could no longer support  him as a man of God myself.

My point is these days we not only accept divorce but take it in stride. “Jack and Mary got divorced last week.” “Oh that’s too bad, pass the salt please.”

Even Lance Wallnau, whom I hold in high regard as a man of God, seemed to gloss over this. Granted he was on a roll about something else but still, he seemed to simply toss out the “sanctity of marriage” as part of the problem without a thought as to how deeply ingrained it is in our society.

Folks, we are not  going to reclaim our nation if we continue to insist on leaving God out of the picture! ONLY God Almighty can restore this nation and I’m convinced He will ONLY do so if we come to him, confess our sins, and ask for restoration.