GOD BLESS Lara Loomer! Clip Viewed on Lance Wallnau

Every once in a while it happens. Someone, somewhere repeats what you’ve been saying all along. In this case it is Lara Logan in her testimony before WI Senator Ron Johnson. I’m not sure what the context of her testimony was.  No doubt it will be buried in the annals of the Senate archives but it is there.

Lara Loomer on Lance Wallnau Her testimony starts at about 7:30. She’s talking about NGO’s acting as political assassins. About 2 minutes in she says those words “We the People are the government“.

Anyone who has read more than a couple of posts on this blog has likely run across this phrase at least once. I will not stop saying it because it is a basic truth we all need to internalize. Self-government is our birthright as citizens of the United States of America. It is also our duty and responsibility to take our GOD GIVEN authority seriously.

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