Bob Good vs John McGuire in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

This is my district. Until today., I’ve been a Bob Good holdout. I’m not particularly keen on him, however, I have met him and I like him personally. Now I’m not sure.

I was posting the Iowa Vote Like a Boss announcement on Truth Social when I came face to face with Trump’s endorsement of McGuire. He starts out by saying “Bob Good is bad for Virginia”.

Now I take all this with a grain of salt, at least. After all, didn’t Trump pick Mike Pence for his running mate in 2020? We won’t get into John Bolton or others. All I’m saying is having Trump on your side is no indication of your real bona-fides. And the last I heard, McGuire was hand-picked by none other than Kevin McCarthy. Hooboy.

So let’s talk Bob Good. As I said, I like him personally. He is approachable, at least – isn’t it a good thing when our employees talk us? That said I have yet to see ANY action on the J6 political prisoner front from him. This is important to me. VERY important. Why?

Citizens of this nation are being held prisoner with NO regard for their constitutional rights. None. Even the most heinous murderer who streamed his gruesome crimes as he committed them would be immediately released if his constitutional rights had been overlooked, much less blatantly ignored. My point is this issue has moved far beyond any alleged – that is ALLEGED – wrong doing (much less “insurrection”) and has entered the arena of “are we a nation of law or not?”.

Again, Bob Good has done nothing here. Add to that, my attempts to contact him via his online method have gone unanswered. Heck even, Tim “Odie” Kaine sent me a slobbery response. Then I started digging.

Trump was right, at least partly so. Good endorsed DeSantis early on. I saw a video posted by MTG of him “privately” explaining why. Good had a couple of valid points – Trump has endorsed red flag laws, something I find abhorrent. He also pointed out Trump said abortion is a no-win issue. Sorry Bob, he’s right there and admitting such does not at all indicate anything. In fact, Bob, per SCOTUS, abortion is no longer a national issue. Didn’t you get that memo? Stop beating a dead horse. The constitution won.

(And PLEASE do NOT try to debate me on abortion. My personal feelings and the legal issues are entirely separate. Besides that, had abortion been legal when I was conceived, it’s possible I might not be here so, you know?)

Finally, one thing I am forever opposed to is career politicians. Unfortunately, we apparently have two vying for this seat on the republican side. I’m ready to flip a coin. (No, I will not do that!)

Other than the standard “credentials” any politician churns out and those things I stated above, I Know little about John McGuire. I suppose I’ll need to do some more digging on him.

Meanwhile, there’s one more thing. As far as I’m concerned it does not matter who wins this, or any seat in Congress this time around. Well, not entirely. IF we citizens can turn out en mass this November and absolutely FLOOD the polls, we can make inroads.

What I’m after is setting us citizens up to give the marching orders – hence VOTE LIKE A BOSS. This is what I’m after. Nothing less.

IF we can accomplish this, even the RINOS while have to take notice. We need to start somewhere and we need to act fast as every day we dwadle the closer we get to the point of no return. November 5, 2024 may be that point.

Again, I urge you, do SOMETHING! Our nation has millions of unregistered citizens legally eligible to vote. Many of them are Christians. More on that in another post.

I am NOT saying anyone has to buy a T-shirt or a sticker or anything else. I’m not saying anyone even has to download and display one of my “Take America Back” memes – even though these are 100% free.

Just do SOMETHING. Anything to help get out the vote. Even if you convince just one citizen to take action we all win.

Let’s make this happen.