CBD – The FDA and… Liberty!


A year or so ago, I became involved with a farmer friend of mine. He is a long-time tobacco farmer whose market is quickly drying up – much to the thanks of government efforts. We were talking about hemp farming and he was interested. He attended some seminars and other meetings to find out more. I went with him on several occasions and helped in other ways but he did a lot on his own. At the time the only legally-grown hemp in Virginia had to be tied to a educational research project. This year all that changed.

My friend applied for and was approved to grow two acres of hemp this year. I helped him a bit with the application. He had to supply the exact GPS coordinates where he was growing the hemp. I do not know what other hoops he had to go through but I remember one meeting we were at. The North Carolina hemp grower said one of his fields tested a bit more than the allowed 0.3% THC content. That’s three tenths of one percent folks. He had to stand there and watch someone burn his field.

Long story short, I had a conversation with him last night. Apparently the FDA has decided to step in. They want to determine whether CBD should be classified as a “drug” rather than a nutritional supplement. Whats the difference? A lot. For one thing you can no longer buy it off the shelf – you will need a prescription. I wasn’t there but I am sure the FDA is “concerned” about “safety”. NUTS to that!

Already, my farmer friend, is facing NO MARKET for his crop. Sure it’s a small crop but he’s not the only farmer growing hemp. He told me his buyer said sales dropped to ZERO. The buyer has no market, the farmers have no market all because of some last-minute arbitrary nonsense from a government agency that shouldn’t even exist! There is no valid constitutional grounds to justify the FDA.

My guess is drug companies producing prescription pharmaceuticals such as Oxycontin are determined to shut CBD down. Why? For one thing, many believe non-prescription CBD is far more effective than opiates for pain management without the addiction problems. Whoops! There goes big, BIG profits! Well I’m offering a solution:


Extreme? No. Not at all. The FDA has again and again they are not only ineffective but a parasite on our nation. Their efforts are horrendously costly to Americans with little if any positive results. Shall we review?

Consider Viagra. I stumbled across this quite by accident. To put it bluntly, I have never taken it so I cannot say from personal experience. That said, Viagra is apparently a big-money item. For a while, at my place of employment, we would get inundated with calls from companies wanting to it to us cheap. Why? I assume it is expensive, but here’s the thing… I recently came across an article where the author says this same drug, and others like it, can be had for pennies on the dollar. WHAT? Yep. Other countries, Canada for one, pay far, far less for this and other “approved” drugs. Why? Well, I cannot say for sure except they do not have the FDA on their backs.

What about Oxy? What about it? America as an admitted prescription drug problem. How much help is the FDA? Well they DID approve these drugs. Other than that… you tell me.

Shall we explore the world of psychotropics? What are they? These are known as Anti-depressants. This group, along with a couple of similar FDA APPROVED prescription drugs (such as Chantix®) are allowed – no APPROVED – even though they have chilling side effects. Like what? Like suicidal and “aggressive” behavior. How do I know this? I pay attention the the disclaimers in the drug companies own advertising. Yes, they are “required” to vaguely admit there “some” may suffer side effects, but that seems to be about it. Many writers have already made the connection between psychotropics and mass shooters. Is the FDA investigating? I doubt it. Either way, don’t hold your breath.

The fact is the FDA is not only ineffective but they have no right to regulate anything. One might argue “But they have a charter authorized by Congress!” First of all, Congress has no business here. The only thin thread they can hang on to is their much overused “commerce” clause. I contend, as citizens, WE put our feet down NOW on this. No part of our constitution is abused more than this one. It needs to end. We can start by demanding Congress dissolve the FDA.


May God Bless You and Keep You,