What’s Wrong with This? “4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular”

You can take the question two ways:

1) What is wrong with Socialism becoming more popular?


2) What is wrong with the headline itself?

First of all, the article is NOT wrong! In fact the author essentially hits the nail on the head. So what is wrong with Socialism gaining popularity?

Everything. Short and sweet: Socialism, Communism and Globalism and all their pals are enemies of liberty. The very premise of each of these “isms” is to rip our God-given liberty from our hands – our bloody hands if necessary – and turn them over to the controllers.

So what is the author missing?

The article seems suggest “Socialism is coming to America”. The fact is Socialism is not only already IN America – it is well-entrenched!  Even before I was born (which, according to my youngest son, was before dirt was invented.) socialism was weaved into the very fabric of our nation. My point?

We need to stop wringing our hands over socialism and start eradicating it.

Where do we start? The “good” news is socialism pervades every segment of our society. Why is that “good news”? It is a good thing because we need not start in our nation’s capitol. We do not even need to start in our state capitols. We can start in our own backyards. We can get busy on the village, town and county level. In fact this is where we need to begin.

Meanwhile, know thy enemy. This article is an excellent place to begin to understand the appeal of this nasty ideology.

4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular

God bless,