Yes, I Voted But NOT for THAT!

One train of thought turned up by the recent election that turned Virginia blue and conversations at the Richmond Gun Show immediately following concerns voting.

No, not election fraud. If some of the seats gained by Democrats in this election were indeed stolen, it would not surprise me at all. The sad fact is, even if incontrovertible proof was produced, nothing would come of it. Why do I say this? Strong evidence of election fraud was brought forth in previous elections and deftly swept under the rug. I am certain there is plenty of room left under that rug.

So my thoughts on this lean more toward attitudes and how they will influence legislation in the coming months. Dire thoughts. These attitudes are not new at all. In fact they pervade throughout politics and even into the courts. The worst part is, we’ve allowed this. It is time to put a stop to it. What the heck am I talking about?

The core of I am talking about here is silly idea that just because someone is elected into some office, they have carte blanche to pass any law they want. No. They do not. The very essence of a limited government is the limitations imposed by our constitution. We know this. We ALL know this but we’ve allowed those in office to ignore it or talk their way around it. Now we are all paying for this and paying dearly. Things are going to get worse – especially here in Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, things are no better anywhere these days, but what is happening here real and raw to me.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gained a strong sense if Virginia Governor Northam. As you may know already, he is medical doctor by training – a pediatric neurologist. Doctors have long been deemed to have a “god-complex”. As far as I can tell, Northam not only perpetuates this stereotype but defines it. Becoming governor has not humbled the man one bit. Why bring this up?

Let’s face it, many elites admit they think they are better than us. We’ve been called deplorable, ignorant, stupid – even evil. Even Monty Python Icon and renowned social-political analyst John Cleese cites the ignorance of Trump supporters as they only watch Fox News.

Obviously if we were as intelligent as he is, we’d glue our eyes to MSNBC while snacking on Tide Pods.

All that aside, the controllers, from those passing laws to those enforcing them to those adjudicating them all agree – they are the last word when it comes to the rules we live by. Every one of them seems to have forgotten one little point: they ALL work for us! Or, at least, they are supposed. Every dime they put their overstuffed pockets comes from we the people. It only seems logical to me that we should have some say in such matters, but that’s not all.

Any authority the controllers can legally claim stems from the Constitution for the United States of America and the respective constitutions of each individual state. These documents were never intended to grant rights – they were written to limit the authority of government. While this is well known, these limitations have been explained away by any sniveling excuses the controllers can imagine – no matter how thinly disguised. Indeed they’ve usurped the intent of the commerce clause alone so they now define any activity of any citizen or entity as a form of “commerce” and therefore subject to federal “authority”. And we, the people, have allowed it. Shame on us! However the fact is we’ve paid dearly for our error. It is time to shut that sideshow down.

To the controllers: you are restrained… sirs (and madams). You do NOT have the authority to pass any law or do anything you wish just because you were voted into office. You represent us – you do not rule us. Step carefully. You not only answer to the citizens you represent but to Almighty God whom you will ultimately face.

God bless,