The Case Against Donald J Trump

As I write the Democratic House of Representatives is pursing hearings to impeach President Trump. Whether you believe the witnesses presented or even if you’ve totally tuned everything out you should pay attention. I’ve brought this topic up before and I will again.

The very real, very troubling facts here should be plain to anyone: certain government lackeys – for lack of a more accurate term – have now spent years digging up anything they can to rid themselves of a sitting president. To Trump’s credit, they have failed miserably. Not only have they failed but they’ve managed to shine bright lights on the dark recesses of the deep state. Ladies and Gentlemen, our nation is totally infested with deadly vermin. This should alarm all of us.

Consider this once again: deep state actors – people who draw their paychecks and will likely draw lifetime pensions from us taxpaying citizens – are spending our time and money to unseat a duly elected president of our nation. Ask yourself – what if Donald Trump was just some guy who worked down the street?

Maybe your first response would be “Well, that guy is not important enough for anyone to go after.” Really? Who says? It doesn’t have to be someone from a lofty Washington D.C. Office. It could be he PO’d some lowly local guy with just enough juice. Or maybe the lowly local guy just knows someone with just enough juice. You know what? In a way I was “that guy” once and trust me, I am as “nobody” as one can get.

Years ago I worked for a tiny AM radio station broadcasting in the predawn hours. Our county was embroiled in a battle with the state over a proposal to bring a “low level” radioactive waste dump to us. For my part, I spent about ten minutes a day – at a whopping 100 watts of power, reading the latest news on the subject and injecting commentary. It eventually cost me my job. There was no fanfare. I never even knew at the time this was the real reason I was part of the downsize. As a matter of fact I went back to work for the station not once but twice. The man who fired me was also the man who hired me back. He was the one who eventually told me “I had to go.” because of my broadcasts. He claimed a personal relationship with the then governor of the state. He indicated it was the governor himself who wanted me gone. Over the years I’d come to know this man. He was a very accomplished liar. However I never knew him to make up stories like this one. From all I knew about him, I believe him. This time he was telling the truth.

My story is not at all a “deep state” story per se. However it does illustrate how a nobody could possibly be punished for simply stating his opinion. That is exactly what I did. I made it clear on every broadcast my opinion was my own. Furthermore, I doubt if I outright accused anyone of anything. One time I read a mostly unrelated article about the sale of a state-owned property to a private company for pennies on the dollar. I wondered allowed why they would do such a thing and questioned whether someone should look for improprieties. I do not remember exactly what I said but my style has changed little from those days. Even today I ask questions that suggest or imply wrongdoing rather than accuse anyone formally.

Back to the situation at hand, we’ve already seen how “justice” is done in our nation’s capitol. Take your pick from any number of well-documented stories: Solyndra, Lois Lerner, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton – the list goes on and on and on. On the other hand, we’ve seen other people, little people dragged thought legal hell holes for the tiniest infractions. We know the truth – why don’t we just throw up our hands and insist truth in advertising? At least make them change the name to the Just Us system.

Even with everything we’ve seen, the current Case Against Donald J. Trump should shake everyone one of us to our bones. Not only are they targeting a sitting president. Not only are they relentless. They have manufactured most if not all of the “evidence” against him. They’ve trotted out false witnesses and secret witnesses. They’ve used secret courts and secret hearings. Should they succeed we should all be asking… “Who’s next?”.


God bless,