What Have You Got To Hide?

What Have You Got To Hide?

We’ve been down this road before. Recently I posted “I’ve had enough of government secrets”. Once again – our employees in government have no problem hiding anything from us but they all seem to agree on their “right” to watch our every move. In other words, the controllers have managed to almost totally turn everything upside down. Oh, and don’t think for a minute they won’t scramble to snatch every nickle that “falls out” of our pockets while they are at it.

This post introduces yet another article detailing how both major US Parties agree: snooping on citizens is just fine and dandy.

Side note: Does anyone reading these pages still doubt why I contend liberty is non-political? Your politics doesn’t matter because they ALL want to stifle our liberties! It doesn’t matter what party you identify with – most politicians are “all in” when it comes on keeping an eye on citizens.

Again. The controllers are our employees. They do not rule us. We citizens can and should direct the show. It is time to demand our rights as citizens. I am not willing to compromise on this. In a perfect world I would wipe the entire slate clean and start from scratch – starting with the entire body of judicial “opinion”. Next I would dismantle nearly every government entity. If they did not perform a specific and necessary function (such as air traffic control) they would be gone. Following that I would repeal everything but basic laws dealing with actual criminal behavior.

We do not live in a perfect world, so the above ideas would likely end in chaos. It would be too much, too fast. Even so, if we do nothing, we can expect more of what we have now. More taxes, more borrowing, more regulation all adding up to less liberty. It is time to put up or shut up. I’m not shutting up so I propose we – and by “we” I mean citizens who agree with me in principle – start putting for ideas to pull the reigns in. In a recent post I proposed a simple four point plan. It is meant as a starting place. The plan is as follows:

  1. No more budget increases. NONE. The buck stops now.
  2. Review the purpose of every budget. I suggest a simple litmus test to start. Is this budget specifically authorized by the Constitution? If not – and most of them fail this basic test – the budget needs to be slated for eradication.
  3. Eliminate or phase out anything not specifically authorized by the Constitution.
  4. Repeal ALL laws that are even potentially unconstitutional – especially every singe asset forfeiture statute. Personally I cannot see allowing anything that permits government employees to sidestep due process

I would now add to that invoking a total moratorium on spying anyone on US soil without a warrant issued by a non-secret court. While my understanding is limited in this area, I see absolutely no justification for FISA warrants and other secret proceedings. Every day law enforcement somehow manages to obtain and serve warrants with complete due process without the subject finding out beforehand.

To our government employees I must ask: What do YOU have to hide?

h/t Zerohedge