Further thoughts on Virginia Senate Bill NO. 64

I first saw a posting concerning the proposed Virginia Senate Bill – SB64 on The Captain’s Journal. As I noticed this is a revision and re-enactment of current code so I tried to look up the code. Long story short I was tired and lazy so all I got was a long list of places where this news is turning up.

From what I can see, some of this is already law in VA. Here is the code as it stands today.

I’m posting the context as well. From what I understand of law as a layman, NOT a lawyer so this is NOT legal advice, the devil is in the details and the details are usually the definitions. Of course such is never enough for lawyers so the definitions depend on how they are interpreted. The phrase “It depends on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is.” The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is unless we, en masse, tell the controllers – our employees differently, they will do what they want just like they’ve been doing for decades.

They reject their own written law when said laws become inconvenient. They reject the state constitution, as well as the Constitution for the United States when either poses a problem. They will even reject their own vaunted black-robed opinions if it does not suit their needs.

Thus there MUST be some absolute standard. A standard the controllers MUST recognize or pay the price for ignoring. This is why I contend WE MUST turn to the source of our liberty – Almighty God if we are to preserve our liberty.

Man’s pattern occurs again and again, starting in the Garden of Eden. Adam was given ONE rule. There is no indication of any other restrictions. Moses was given TEN Commandments. The rest of the law was added later. Granted, these were not directly added by men but certainly because of men. Now we have the mess we find ourselves in today.

We have a constitution limiting government while recognizing and defining many of our liberties. Men have turned these things upside down so the constitution is the basis for an ever-expanding government and ever-shrinking nearly all of our liberty.

Talk about intent! Once again the controllers ignore “intent” when such goes against their controlling nature. As with all laws these days “That’s for them (citizens) and not for us (controllers).” As such our nations is turned upside-down, inside-out and backwards.

It has to end. We need to turn to Almighty God and ask Him to return our nation to us citizens. The controllers need to be held accountable by us citizens. They are employees, NOT rulers. If they cannot work within the guidelines set before them i.e. the state and federal constitutions, we need to tell the controllers – they are FIRED!

May God bless you and keep you,

Andy Havens

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