Cupleper’s Sheriff Jenkins Turns Up The Heat

Sheriff Scott Jenkins in Culpeper County turns up the heat in the state by saying he will deputize thousands of citizens to protect their 2nd Amendment rights. BRAVO!

Here is the complete story (h/t Ken and Ruric at Knuckledraggin)

You’ll find my comment there as well as below.

Virginia Sheriff: ‘I Will Deputize Thousands of Citizens To Protect Their Gun Rights’

I love Culpeper. It was where we first lived when we moved to Virginia. We’ve regretted moving from there ever since. Even so I never realized how liberty-minded the area is. Note, since we moved from there over 15 years ago, it has grow by leaps and bounds. This usually also means the area turns more towards liberalism.

As for some perspective on today’s post, consider this: in the last election Virginia State Delegate Nick Freitas was to run for congress. The election board would not let him on the ballot because they say the party filed late. He ran for his delegate seat as a write-in won handily.

Nick is an exceptionally strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He first came to my attention with this speech on the floor of the VA Assembly:

Here he is speaking to those attending the 2A hearing in nearby Orange county.

As far as Jenkins screening deputies – this only makes sense, not only to state it but in practice. Think about it. What else should he do? Mass deputize a group? What if some known criminals sneaked in? The left would have a field day just speculating about this and condemn it immediately. Not that they won’t anyway but why give them a toe in? Screening, be done and done properly. Yes, it should not be used as a political tool but it is the citizen’s responsibility to watch out for such shenanigans.