Controllers Control – The FBI and YOUR Credit Data

This from Matt Slavo and the

The FBI wants your credit information. Of course they only want it for our “safety” to “prevent terrorism”. If you believe that I’ve got a jar of moon atmosphere I can send you for a fraction of what it’s worth.

First of all, transactions between you and anyone else are private. They are nobody’s business unless criminal activity – REAL criminal activity is involved. For example if you are buying or selling stolen goods. With credit  card purchases, nearly everything is potentially tracked. What you bought, where, what time you  purchased it and so forth. Law enforcement can “track” YOU simply by following your credit card purchases. But why stop there? They can also track you via your car (GPS, SIRIUS radio, etc.), your cell phone, your computer, your tablet, your fitbit, your watch in some cases. Some say they can track you via that US currency in your wallet. Maybe, maybe not, but it has been thought of and I have not doubt someone is working on just that if such technology is not in place already.

For the record, I object to all of it. Without due process, a LEGAL warrant with a valid reasonable articulable suspicion plainly stated, I object to any access to my personal information. If I grant access to a certain agency for a particular purpose, said information is ONLY to be used for said purpose by THAT agency. Any other use without due process stated above is illegal and a subversion of my constitutional rights. Any government employee involved in such actions should be immediately dismissed and forever banned from government work. Any pensions should be revoked.

Do I make myself clear? I find such abuse absolutely intolerable. We are citizens, NOT subjects, and therefore we should be treated as such. When the Apostle Paul was bound by a Centurion after the ruckus in Jerusalem, he was struck with fear after discovering he bound a Roman citizen. The Centurion was not only a very high official but a citizen himself. At that time, “binding” was the equivalent of handcuffing a suspect. Think about that. Today, in our “enlightened society”, law enforcement regularly arrests, books and imprisons citizens for months and years. In one instance, a family was devastated, after being arrested for growing tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes. They were observed buying gardening supplies and subsequently had their house raided, etc. all because some “law enforcement” goon suspected – SUSPECTED – a drug growing operation. This is not the only case. Imagine what they could do if they were able to track your purchases electronically.

It goes without saying the FBI’s efforts are anti-liberty. There is NO liberty when common citizens are constantly survived – especially to ensure compliance with the ever-growing plethora of legislation and regulations restricting our freedoms and binding our liberty.

It needs to stop. ALL it. We need to return the the principles of limited government.

Here’s Matt: