Forgiving Student Loans = $200 Billion College Bailout

The new crop of politicians are all about forgiving student loans in an attempt to garner college-age votes.

What all of this amounts to is making taxpayers foot the bill for college communist indoctrination. Isn’t that cozy? Communist politicians using our money to brainwash our children.

It is not enough to throw BILLIONS of dollars for “research” at colleges or for any of the other myriad… and sneaky ways the politicians dole out our hard-earned cash to promote their communist programs. They crush our kids under mountains of debt and then swoop in as their “saviors” before they are flattened by the weight. All the time saying “See how wonderful government is? WE care for you.” Before skipping out and leaving us with the bill!

I do feel for the kids. I do. That said, the colleges themselves should be held accountable for selling these young men and women a bill of goods and worthless degrees. I say the colleges can either pay off these debts themselves or allow the students to return to their respective alma maters for a truly marketable degree – free of charge. By this I mean the college can provide the classes, the food and housing for those students saddled with a useless sheepskin.

Here is the zero hedge article that got me going.