SHTF Perspective from Veteran Prepper Daisy Luther

While I don’t “know” Daisy Luther, I’ve been reading her stuff for years. Despite some leftists branding her as something like a “crazed wild-eyed terrorist prepper”, I’ve always found her thoughtful, reasonable and practical. In the article below, Daisy lays it all out about what is going on in her head about the Wuhan Virus pandemic. She’s asking herself IS THIS IT?

Is this where the SHTF?  Many of us have thoughts ranging from disbelief to wondering to… well, pure panic. Daisy recognizes her own resistance to the idea the rules might suddenly change – not without warning but certainly with a surprising suddenness.


I don’t know either. This is what preparing is all about. While no one would call me a “dedicated prepper”, by necessity we typically have a safety net in place as we live far enough from town to realize we cannot always rely on the corner store in a pinch.

No matter what this pandemic, I think it is safe to use honestly use that term at this point, will test some critical points in our personal and nation’s way of life. The words from that annoying “Emergency Testing System” come to mind – “If this had been an actual emergency…” Well, this time it may be. If it is we will know soon enough. If not it may at least serve as a harbinger for revising any plans we have for weathering a similar circumstance or, in some cases devising such a plan.

Here’s Daisy…

SHTF… Is This IT?