The Clampdown

Yesterday, I urged you to get off the sidelines. Since then, Ken over at Knuckledraggin’ posted the article below:

American Thinker: Police State Dry Run A Huge Success

I’m reposting it here as it details what I was saying yesterday about the controller’s attempt to choke off our Republic. I only wish I had the time to do such research and writing!

Setting aside some gloom and doom, some profess hope that our economy can rebound. It can, of this I have no doubt. We are a nation of workers for the most part. However we are quickly becoming a nation of sluggards. The controllers desire the latter. Free men pose problems. Slaves, chattel or not, are much more pliable.

Yes, our economy can rebound but to what end? Will we slide back into producing to enrich our masters or will be break off the shackles that bind us – those tax, borrow and spend parasites controlling our nation and start fresh?

As I wrote before – if would only muster the will to tell the controllers to bug off once and for all – restore local control and run our nation as intended: from the bottom up as self-governing citizens – we would unleash a juggernaut championing freedom. Said freedom would embrace both economic and individual freedom and would flood the world in prosperity.

God bless,