Wuhan Flu & Social Engineering

First, let is set aside any ideas of “conspiracy”. Granted there is a lot of indications there is far more to this entire pandemic than meets the eye – including planning and forethought long before most of us even heard of “Wuhan”.  I’d rather deal with the social engineering concept today.

What is “social engineering”? This is a relatively modern term in my understanding. I first heard of it back when I read some books on hacking. No, I wasn’t trying to learn how to hack computers, etc. I WAS and AM interested in prevention and thus felt a need to learn what to avoid. What did I learn?

The easiest and most preferred “hack” was based on social engineering. In other works – talking some human into letting you into the system. If you think about it – this technique has a variety of applications far beyond the computer word.

Con games are based on the same concepts. In fact, “social engineering” could be said to be another word for a con. What else fits the mold?

Propaganda. Advertising. Politics. In fact, what we know as “the media” could be said to be elevated from a social engineering “tool” to simply another form of social engineering in and of itself. Either way, how does all of this fit into the Wuhan Flu pandemic? Think about it.

Consider the “New Normal” catch phrase. Does not the very phrase intimate a concerted effort to shift one’s thinking of what is “normal”? “Social distancing” is another one.

Fact is, this pandemic is just ONE social engineering con thrust upon us. “White privilege” is another one. It has superseded the old “affirmative action” concept. How about “climate change”? Oh yeah. If you think about this you could come up with a rather large list of cons. Or you could look at most any political platform. Politicians are the biggest con artists around. Note: sometimes they palm themselves off as “activists”. Do not be fooled.

Back to Wuhan Flu – the long and the short of it is… we’ve been conned. The controllers are “social engineering” us. This is not the first or last con – just the latest one.

In my next post I will detail exactly how this latest shell game was played. You will be surprised and dismayed at how easily we were all fooled (myself included) by the controllers’ slight of hand.

God bless,