The Wuhan Flu Con Revealed

As I posted before, we’ve all been conned. It is not the first time. It will not be the last. This latest Wuhan Flu pandemic – doozy as it was – is not the end. I’ll get right to the basics here:

First, the slight of hand the con artists used – fear.

“We are all gonna die if we do not act right now!”

Nobody said that outright but it was implied and is still implied right down the line. Here is what they did:

They isolated us. They re engineered society – taking the “social” aspect right out of the equation. All for nought. THIS was their illusion. The reality?

Whatever you want to call it, Wuhan Kung Flu was and is a bug. A virus. Not only was it not a very dangerous bug but it was and is treatable. Like any other bug, if we all had just went about our business as usual, the bug would have gotten around. Some would get sick. Some would die. We would all eventually get over it.

The response to this bug was engineered panic – social engineering that is. The pandemic itself is nothing compared to the propaganda and fear mongering promoting it to a world-wide crisis. In short… we’ve been had.

The question is what will we do about it?

If all indications of previous con games played on us dirt people… nothing. We will adjust to the new rules, regulations and tyrannical decrees and get on with our lives. In this we seem to be unshakable – and malleable. I hate to say it but we yell and point to the “sheeple” and all the while three fingers are pointing right back to us.

Face it folks – the communists-antifa “peaceful” protestor types have got more balls than most of us whining about the libtards. While I do not agree at all with their methods – they ARE taking action. Meanwhile, we point to a very few videos of those who defend themselves from brutal leftist attacks while staying safely smug behind our monitors.

What DO I advocate? The same thing I’ve encouraged all along. Accept the stewardship given to you as a citizen by God Almighty Himself. Descend on town and county meetings. Replay the 2A sanctuary movement again and again and again.

If you truly want to see improvement, YOU have to take responsibility for your own rights as a citizen. YOU have to assert YOUR authority. Self-government via a constitutional republic requires active participation.

Those of us born or naturalized into this nation have rights AND duties as citizens. To those citizens who also claim Christ as savior, I will speak plainly. Just as the blood of our savior Jesus the Messiah shed as payment for our sins is not to be taken lightly, neither is the grace of citizenship in this nation. You are born again of God’s spirit with eternal life AND you have the privilege of self-rule. Few in this world have the opportunities and blessings bestowed upon us. Do not let them go to waste.

Turn now to our Heavenly Father. Ask if I speak the truth. Ask what He would have you do. He is faithful. He WILL answer!

God bless,