Welcome TLC Contributor Jay Chambers!

A bit later today, Jay Chambers will make his debut on The Liberty Coalition blog. He contacted me a few days ago asking if he could submit an article, after surviving some tough scrutiny and a thorough vetting, taking all of five seconds, I said “of course!”.

Keeping with the ideals of this site, contributors are generally welcome. So, Jay, thank you for your contribution and by all means, keep ’em coming.

Here is Jay’s bio:

Jay is a pro free speech business owner based in Austin, Texas. Having lived through several natural disasters and more than a few man-made ones (hello 2008), he believes that resilience and self-sufficiency are essential in this increasingly unpredictable world. That’s why he started a business! Jay writes over at Minuteman Review.

His post will be up in a bit.

God bless,