FBI’s Most Wanted: U.S. Capitol Violence

Much has been said about the lack of video released for the Jan 6 event by the feds. You’ll find several videos on the page linked below. All I can say about the source is they are on the FBI’s Most Wanted page. Take it as you will.

Nor have I watched any of the videos on this page to date.

At this time I’ll state unequivocally, I am absolutely opposed to promoting, inciting or initiating violence of any sort.

That said, lemme ask you… if someone fires a weapon at a law enforcement officer, should the officer be allowed to defend himself? By what means? What if the officer was off-duty? What if the officer was retired? What if it was a private citizen rather than an officer?  I’ll leave it at that.

As for the events of Jan 6, again, I refuse to excuse anybody who promoted, incited or initiated violence on that day. However I do expect those caught to be held to the same standard as any other citizen performing similar acts on any other day. The principle is called “equal protection under the law”.

FBI’s Most Wanted: U.S. Capitol Violence