Proof Revealed! There Really WAS an Insurrection on January 6!

There is no longer any doubt, January 6, 2020 should forever go down in history as Insurrection Day. Today I will cite actual proof of this terrible truth and worse – the insurrectionists succeeded! Note here, I cannot and will not take any credit at all for uncovering the facts leading to this awful revelation. This was done by true patriots doggedly seeking to uncover what really happened. Despite efforts of those involved to hide behind “righteous” facades and absolute denial of the facts, not to mention outright lights, those who refused to accept the lies and instead pursued truth are winning out. While the insurrectionists indeed won on January 6, their victory will be short-lived. The curtain of deception they’ve installed is soon to be torn down, revealing all.

Insurrection (definition): a violent uprising against an authority or government. We all witnessed the violence. Video of the events of that sorrowful day are everywhere. More and more video evidence is revealed daily. Since then, the intent of this violence has become clear – those promulgating this violence fully intend to overthrow our government. They are not done yet, but they are doomed to be thwarted. We, the people, will not let this happen. The culprits and their cohorts are making every effort to obscure the truth and cover their tracks, but a contingent of true patriots snap at their heels. They will soon scatter for the dark recesses like the cockroaches they are.

Who are these insurrectionists? They are not the political prisoners captured and incarcerated by our government. Rather the true insurrectionists sit in the highest places in our government. They occupy the most coveted seats in the legislature and in the administration. They misdirect the truth by pointing fingers at innocents, stirring up clouds of misdirection to confuse and confound this nation. They stand in plain sight, claiming sole possession of the high road while all the time it is they who stand profoundly on the bloodied bodies of the patriots they themselves trampled to save their own sorry skins. Observe.

Begin with the murder of Ashley Babbitt. The can be no other word for what happened to her. In any other circumstance, the nation would be demanding the shooter be put on trial. Instead, this Capital Police Lieutenant was quickly and quietly exonerated, but only after months of authorities refusing to even name the man behind the fatal gun. They were hiding from the beginning. Why? Because they all knew this murder caught on video for the world to see was inexcusable from the start.

Recently more video has surfaced revealing more murderous behavior by Capital Police. This time in the Capitol Tunnel. The absolute brutality seen in these videos should outrage every American regardless of their political views. Once again, rather than condemnation of these heinous acts, the culprits, their bosses and their cohorts remain silent. One can envision them hiding in some dark corner praying to their gods of government to protect them and absolve them of their complicity.

Now there is more. For months now, the name Ray Epps has circulated around the internet. This mystery man is seen and heard in video encouraging citizens to storm the Capital, as early as the night before the actual events of January 6. Several present called him out as a Fed. Such accusations apparently did not phase him. Now a story in Revolver News goes even further. They’ve found strong and disturbing evidence of Epps and others coordinating to breech the Capital. This article and other reports strongly suggest there were at least two teams, one led by Epps and other led by a man Revolver has dubbed the “ScaffoldCommander”. This ScaffoldCommander may actually be the top guy leading the entire operation. All indications are these teams were government agents. Furthermore these were decidedly moving against Trump and his supporters. Here’s why:

First consider the complete lack of interest by the alphabet agencies, the Democratic-controlled Congress, the DOJ and the Biden administration. They are determinedly oblivious to these men. Meanwhile Federal SWAT teams descend in force on common citizens, many yet to be charged while being held for months. For a group so publicly intent on uncovering the “truth” of January 6, they yawn at real evidence of the very things they claim to be looking for, if they even bother to acknowledge the existence. Second, there are numerous documented cases of Federal involvement and instigation of similar events, including the alleged kidnapping plot of Michigan’s Governor Whitmer. No one can honestly say the federal government is beyond suspicion in this. Third, this isn’t the first time agents of the federal government have moved against Donald Trump. In fact there have been several, often congruent actions against President Trump. These treasonous individuals have not only NOT been removed and held for trial but they’ve often been rewarded and/or promoted.

Now consider Peter Navarro, a former Trump advisor. He recently disclosed the Trump administration plan for Jan 6, saying the advance on the Capital thwarted the efforts of Trump’s team. VP Mike Pence was supposed to challenge certification in states where the results were questionable, allowing for further investigation. Instead, chaos ensued, ending in a quick certification with almost no debate on the validity of some electoral votes. In other words, the attack on the Capital worked in favor of the insurrectionists.

Since January 6, the insurrectionists have dominated the narrative surrounding the attack on the Capital. Anyone questioning the election or the talking points of the democrats is instantly labeled a “terrorist” or worse. They’ve worked overtime to stop the mouths of any dissenters from their version of events. Debate is all but outlawed. Why? As the truth emerges, the reasons become evident. The true insurrectionists are scrambling to hold on to the power they’ve usurped. Why else would they withhold thousands of hours of video evidence? Why else would they maintain an iron grip over most all of the evidence in their hands? Why else would they jail hundreds of citizens without bail or charge for months when these same people demand the instantaneous release of hardened criminals all across our land?

The truth is clear. The insurrectionists were indeed victorious on January 6, 2021. They successfully executed a plot to seize power in our nation’s Capital and have held it ever since. They did so with premeditated violence. They’ve shredded our constitution before our eyes. They point the way to falsehoods while attempting to obscure the truth. It’s not working. We know, at least in part. We will know the truth. Wait for it.