NO, The Constitutional Republic has NOT Ended… Reply to a Comment

A recent blog post (not here) declared our Constitutional Republic has ended. I am reposting my slightly edited response to this comment here. 

As hard as the commies have tried, they have not been able to rid themselves of our Constitution. What they have succeeded at is ignoring it and convincing us citizens it is no longer valid. They are wrong.

Our Constitution, at the base level is a piece of paper. Mere words. But those words have meaning. They are relevant. Those words are relevant because they recognize We the People as self-governing citizens. Those clowns sitting in our nation’s capital and the minions they’ve appointed are NOT the government. WE are. WE have the authority. WE have the true power. They know this and they tremble at the thought of us flexing our muscle.

True, the usurpers have weakened us. They have deluded us. They have outright conned us, but we are not defeated.

Interestingly enough, it was one response to Bill DeBlasio’s latest mad-date that shed brilliant light on the solution. A lawyer was asked if this was legal. She replied that while the courts typically put the kabash on federal mandates, they tended to grant local authorities wide latitude. Think about that. Couple that thought with the words of the tenth amendment. The real power is very much local. the usurpers want us to forget this.

We the People need to reclaim our birthright, our power from the bottom up. Some citizens have already begun this process by targeting school boards, etc.. Once we reclaim our counties, we can force important issues to light with our state and local representatives. Instead of going to them, they need to come to US. They work for US. One important aspect of all of this is we also need to control or even break the party system. The politicians derive much of their influence via their party, or rather the party bosses grant influence as they see fit. This needs to stop.

In order for the Constitutional Republic to end, something has to replace it. The usurpers can do their best to work around it but until they traitorously deny it, it remains THE law of the land.