Hey Elon! I Just Bought Twitter – While Gardening

Seriously. Well, okay, I bough ten whole shares. Any regular readers (okay, READER – you know who you are.) knows I’ve been threatening to buy Twitter for a few days now. Today, I pulled that trigger – while working on my garden. Here’s what happened.

Last Wednesday I decided to open an account to buy some Twitter stock – this after my financial advisor hesitated. Granted, I’ve never called him up and told him I wanted to buy anything but he knows me well enough so he should understand I was serious and he also knew why I was buying. Still he seemed reluctant. Okay. Fine. I went another way. I’m glad I did actually. The account I opened was for the express purpose of buying one company – Twitter. That doesn’t mean I’m limited though. Already, I own other stock. No, I didn’t go on a spending spree – the broker I signed up with gave me stock as an incentive. Now look, it wasn’t much – two $3 stocks. Whooopdedo. I will give three more because I funded the account. Now they say this could all total up to $9600.  Key words – “up to”. I don’t think I’m going to get three stocks totaling $9594m buy hey, who knows? Right?

Besides the free stock, I added a bit more than I needed to buy the Twitter. It’s not burning a hole in my pocket so I’m in no hurry but I might just buy some more if I feel like playing. And with this whole poison pill deal the Twitts on the board passed, I might increase my Twitter holdings if it comes to that and proxy a free speech vote, Elon Musk or no Elon Musk.

Meanwhile this is the sort of money I used to recommend. (I was series 7 licensed once, fully qualified as a stockbroker.) “Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.” Well if this money all goes up in smoke, so be it. I bought the stock on principle not with any thoughts of riches and yachts. Good thing, I don’t like the water all that much anyway.

Okay, I’m transplanting some seedlings into bigger pots. I’m about three weeks away from planting outdoors. Dragon Cayenne Peppers, if you must know… and I’m watching the stock. I planned on buying it yesterday but it kept going up instead of down. It closed over $48. I thought it might go down a bit today (what goes up…), It did. Down, then up, like a roller coaster I was on a ride. Well it got towards the end of the day and it was heading down. Now I was pretty sure this stock would do one of two things: go up or go down. It was selling around $46.50 so I bought. It went down. to $46.16, so I didn’t hit the absolute low. But you know what? It could go down tomorrow too. And the next day. I don’t care. Like I said, it’s principle.

I did it all on my cell phone. That’s right. I watched the stock and then bought it from my cell phone while transplanting hot pepper plants. How cool is that? Heck, I don’t even LIKE smart phones but now and then they do come in handy.

Anyway, while I’m sure Elon and I will make a great team, my personal opinion is it would be a great help if other patriots interested in free speech would get in the game. Now just because I spent a little less than $500, that doesn’t meant anyone else has to. For about $50 someone could be one share or 100 for $5K. That’s not my call. Now here’s the thing:

The broker I used is Webull and here is their current offer.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 5 FREE stocks valued up to $9,600 by opening & funding a #Webull brokerage account! Get started > https://a.webull.com/ga6te3G5921n4f3kfb

That’s not all. They have promotions that will put more stock in someone’s account for referring someone. The one above nets me 10 free stocks for each person I refer. I’m sure there’s a limit but I haven’t dug into the fine print. They do say each stock is valued between $3 and $3000.

For this offer you do need to set an app up on your cell phone but it’s easy to do and use. I doubt if many people out there are as adverse to using smart phones as I am so if I can do it, I’m sure anyone can.

Why not join Elon and me and let’s all buy Twitter? We’ll show ’em!