The Paul Pelosi – David DePape Affair

I know what you are thinking. Okay, I confess, the subject kinda alluded to it but no, I’m not going to speculate on the sexual orientation or activities of Paul Pelosi  and/or David DePape. All I’ll say is this: Paul Pelosi, you can come out now. Really. Nobody really cares. Considering whom you are married to, I’m not sure anyone would really blame you in that respect. Your sexual orientation is between you and God – if you believe in God. If you don’t well the other is a moot point anyway.

Now about that headline… the interweb is chock full of all sorts of facts, tidbits and speculation about what went on at the Pelosi residence the other night. There are lots and lots of unanswered questions. And, of course, as part of the privileged  class, like it or don’t, many of those questions will remain unanswered. If someone from Pelosi’s camp did deign for some details to be released, you can be sure they would be awash in black ink redactions. National Security, don’t you know. So I won’t go there either. So where AM I going? Smirk.

I thought I’d reveal some of what I came up with on my own. Stuff nobody else seems to be paying attention to. I’m sure I’m not the only one but those voices are as obscured as mine. So here goes:

From The Gateway Pundit:

One area of concern is related to the websites allegedly tied to DePape, a man who lived in a bus parked in Berkley for the past couple of years.

Now one of those “websites” is a WordPress-hosted blog. It was already shut down when the article was posted. There was another website with it’s own domain name “”. This one was apparently hosted by Wix and Wix is also listed as the registrar. How do I know? I use a domain lookup service called “Whois”. Several companies offer this service free of charge. The information is publicly available. Here is what I found:

The registration date was September 08, 2022 (Format: YYYY/MM/DD)

Note the address and phone number given. Now the state is listed as “AL” or Alabama but the zip code is Richmond, CA. In fact a search on “1822 Shasta St” returns a residence in Richmond, CA.THIS residence, in fact.


Here is a satellite view of the same address:

It doesn’t exactly look like the address of a bum living in a bus, as somereport, now does it. According to The San Francisco Standard:

The alleged attacker of Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, lived in a Richmond garage and was known to his neighbors as a quiet right-winger.

The article above states a couple of people who insist DePape sported “right-wing” views.  While this agrees with the MSM gleeful assertations that Mr. DePape at least leaned to the right, it directly conflicts with many other indications that he is more of a leftist wingnut.

One thing I can say now with a certain degree of certainty – the webpages DePape allegedly put up and published his “right-wing views” were indeed taken down while he sat in jail. How did he manage that parlor trick? The next question is why? If those pages did indeed substantiate the contention that David DePape was a trooper for Trump (my words) then why would anyone  want them taken down?

One more tidbit gleaned from whois – the phone number. Now this is a hummer. The phone number listed on the whois page is a real number to a pizza place in Kent Washington. I wonder if the deliver to Richmond, CA?

What does it all mean? It’s hard to say at this point.

The New York Post says DePape has been an active blogger for some years now:

Paul Pelosi hammer attack suspect David DePape linked to conspiracy blogs

The posts on this article are hosted on blogger. The problem with blogger is there’s not much trail to follow as with a hosted domain name. Almost anybody could set up a blogger account claiming to be anyone – real or imagined. The same goes for the domain information above. Just because the whois page lists David DePape as the “responsible person”, it doesn’t mean he really is. That said, this domain appears to list DePape’s true address.

For all the ballyhoo bandied about concerning DePape’s alleged right-wing leanings, the Internet Wayback machine turned up an interesting result on the frenlyfrens page. As near as I can tell the site was active for only one day – October 29, 2022. Wayback crawled (visited and gathered data) the site on five days – November 1, October 28,29,30 and ,31. This is nothing unusual. What does seem odd is the website only had a homepage and that was up for two days – October 28 & 29. The other snapshots displayed a message that the website wasn’t up yet. I’m not sure but I wonder why Wayback would take 21 snapshots (October 30) of a site that wasn’t up.

Even more interesting is what was on the page.

Now maybe this first photo was of DePape himself. Who knows? Maybe he’ll say so one day. The second one below is what I found more interesting.

A rainbow unicorn. Hmmm. Of course, this second seems symbolic but symbolic of what? I had to look it up.

    It refers to a bisexual woman who sleeps with heterosexual couples
I’m not sure why David Depape would use such a symbol on his homepage unless he simply had no idea what it meant. Somehow, I find this hard to believe of a man who’s lived so long in a city that is nearly synonymous with homosexuality.
No matter how you decipher the above, I don’t get the feeling this site was established by any hard-core right-wing activist.
One of the problems with trying to unravel a mystery with such limited information is so much room is left for speculation. This post  is my attempt to add a bit of actual information about the website in question. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come up with many answers. The only thing I know for sure is someone wanted to associate this website with David Depape and it was apparently established, domain name-wise, more than a month before all this happened.
The Gateway Pundit article above lists two other websites purported to be associated with Mr. DePape – and
Whois searches for these reveal nothing about David DePape. When I searched for, I told I could by this domain name for $2.98.  As for, the result was even stranger. Wayback at first didn’t want to cough up any pages. Then it decided to offer a listing going back several years but I found not actual snapshots. The descriptions were of hemp related items. A current visit to the page looks like some hastily erected content about trees. Like I said, weird. The whois lists a domain privacy guard for an address. Now THAT tells me something. Privacy guard protection is very common these days and many, many registrars offer it. Does Wix? Yes they do offer it for an additional cost. In light of this, I’d say it’s plausible someone could register a domain through Wix and skip the protection because they didn’t want to pay extra.
From what Gateway Pundit says about the domain, it is registered with GoDaddy. I know enough about this service to know it tends to be expensive. They don’t give nothin to nobody. Could this be the reason Mr. Depape (supposing Depape did this) went with Wix instead of going with GoDaddy again? It’s hard to say. Many people simply stick with what they know.
So… more questions arise. What’s going on with the hemp site? What’s the deal with the qmspirit site? Who is making these changes? Why does Wayback seem to be running interference? Why are the only pages available on the site from October 28 & 29? This story broke on Friday October 28th and was said to have occurred early Friday morning. DePape was likely incarcerated when these pages were put up, so what gives?
Everything about this story seems sketchy. I’ve seen very little reporting on it and a slew of speculation and bad information. It doesn’t help that those who have the best information – the SFPD, the Pelosi’s, the Capital Police to name a few, are not forthcoming with anything factual so we are left to guess and speculate. Is this important?
I say YES! With so many accusations, so many fingers pointing here and there, what we need most is clarity. I’m glad Paul Pelosi will recover. I’m very happy nobody else seems to have been seriously hurt. I’m ecstatic to think Nancy’s ice cream stash is safe and secure. That said, we need the facts, just the facts, so we can put an end to the wild and crazy speculation.