Asbury University Revival and Beyond

Yesterday marked the end of the Asbury University revival. Strangely enough, while it began spontaneously, the end was planned. However even the end offered some deeply spiritual connotations.

The way I heard it, the revival began after a regular chapel prayer. The students lingered. One stood up and started listing his faults. Things snowballed from there to gain international attention. It all ended yesterday, February 23, 2023 as the college hosed the National Collegiate Day of Prayer. That Asbury University hosted this was no last minute detail – it had been scheduled two years previously. But that’s not the only oddity.

Back in 1970, there was another spontaneous revival at, you guessed it, Asbury University. For those with long memories, 1970 was remarkable for yet another historical landmark, a secular one. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Yes. They. Did. What does it all mean? I don’t know.

What I can say with absolute conviction is God’s hand is evident in this outpouring. Of this I have no doubt. I see no other logical explanation. As for what it means, well, I suggest we each ask God what it means to us, personally. Surely this has touched the lives of every person who heard of it in one way or another. Just like anything else, each of us takes away something different, something intimate.

My hope is this will spark revival across the globe. It need not make the news as long as it touches hearts and brings those of us who claim Christ closer to him as well as our Heavenly Father. Additionally my hope is it will bring new believers to Christ, as happened in Asbury. The world needs Christ now more than ever and Christ needs his body to come to him, for us to shed our differences and turn our eyes and our hearts to him.

As for myself, I can only hope those things Asbury has stirred in me is just the beginning. You may have noticed my posts have slowed a bit lately. This week I’ve been struggling to write something I felt worth sharing. It’s not “writer’s block”, I don’t believe in that nonsense, but I cannot seem to find a satisfactory finish for those thoughts I’ve put down. I started to wonder if I was indeed finished. I don’t think so but as I prayed about it, God has shown me where I need to gear up. That something is prayer.

It’s not to say I haven’t been praying but I’m sensing the need to expand upon those things I pray for and pray more for those things I already lift in prayer. So I will pray for those around me, for those is positions of power and authority, for those willing to lay down their lives for others and their families and for the families of those who have laid down their lives. Of course I’ll pray for revival and for my nation, and my brethren in Christ. No doubt the more I pray the more I’ll find to pray for.

None of this means my two regular readers (or anyone else for that matter) should give up hope of new posts. I’ve not been given any guidance, much less clear guidance that I am to stop writing and posting. So I’ll continue to post as I have something to share. Hopefully this will happen on a regular basis – at least once per week. If you think of it, say a prayer for me now and then.