Dershowitz Says Trump Will Be Convicted

For the most part, I’ve always admired Alan Dershowitz – a world-renowned defense attorney who seems to be one of the more forthright of his species. For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why he leans of far left. Other than that, the man has an incredible legal mind. I saw this headline on The Gateway Pundit this morning:

Alan Dershowitz Says Trump “Probably Will be Convicted” – But Verdict will be Overturned on Appeal

I always say “Great minds think alike, but greater minds think like mine!”. Yes, I am joking. That said, I don’t have to see the video to follow his reasoning. Trump will be tried in enemy territory. As far as I’m concerned he’d get a fairer shake in Beijing.

Sure there was some speculation the Grand Jury the indicted him waffled a bit. At this point I wonder if that was wishful thinking. Of course it is possible that not everyone in Manhattan has it in for the former president, but, much like DC Biden’s grip on Manhattan was fairly strong – he got 84% of the vote. While it was not quite the overwhelming 92% in DC but solid still. While it is possible at least some of those voters have since been disillusioned, I doubt if they’ve lost their bloodlust for Trump.

For no particular reason, my mind was flooded with thoughts of Trump in prison. How would that work? Would he still get Secret Service protection or would he be at the mercy of the guards and other prisoners? Other illustrious prisoners have survived, even thrived in prison. Charles Colson and G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame come to mind. I read of Colson’s account and only heard of Liddy’s but my understanding is they fared well. By some accounts, Liddy ended up all but owning his prison.

What about Trump? Today’s environment is far different then it was 50 years ago. I’m only guessing but it seems today’s prisons will reflect society as a whole and thus be more polarized than ever before. To that end, there will be some in the population who would just as soon kill Donald Trump as look at him. Would he be exposed to such prisoners? One would like to think this could not happen but before January 6, I never thought citizens could be subject to the horrors revealed inside the DC Gulag. From what I’ve read, the political prisoners there have reason to fear the guards at least as much as other prisoners.

So, yeah, I wonder if former President Trump could actually die in prison. This, for the questionable “crime” of mislabeling entries in an accounting journal – something I’m sure he never did personally. I doubt very much if he even gave it much thought. If it was something as truly reprehensible as the prosecutors would have America believe, why wasn’t there vehement protests by his small army of accountants and lawyers?

Ironically, I firmly believe these charges are entirely Trumped Up. They give new meaning to the phrase. This, as well as the other allegations by other prosecutors is perhaps the saddest commentary on our nation. Here we have a man who has risen far above so many others, amassing tremendous wealth, then setting it aside to serve this nation in our highest office. Despite the dung and mud thrown in his face almost continuously since the day he announced his intention to run for office, he has again and again shown decency and integrity. Surely his rough manner and refusal to filter his opinions detract from his accomplishments but in every case brought against him thus far, and there have been many more of those than against any President in our history, he has been proven innocent of all charges brought against him by his foes.

If those who have usurped authority and assumed power in this nation can move against such a strong and wealthy individual as Donald J. Trump, what chance does any common citizen have? To quote G. Gordon Liddy “I have found the quality of the legal services accorded to the poor to be disgraceful. ” The link is to his whole commentary, it is well worth reading in its entirety.

There is much talk about a “two-tiered” justice system these days. While, well meaning, I contend this is incorrect. There must be at least three tiers and counting. First there is the upper tier, reserved for the privileged few in the lofty clouds of power, Then there is a second tier comprised of those, not in the clouds, but with enough resources to afford top legal counsel. Finally there is the tier of the common citizen like you or me. IF we can afford any legal counsel at all, we can only choose from the dregs left by those who can afford decent representation. Even this analogy puts public defenders on equal ground with low rent legal representation. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, the public defender system is a crap shoot at best. One may draw an excellent lawyer or a new hire, fresh from barely passing the bar. Meanwhile, a citizen who doesn’t qualify for a PD may be stuck with some poor sap who can barely afford to pay his sister-in-law minimum wage, if at all, for some part-time help. So maybe add still another tier to our legal system?

If you want gain some real insight into our current legal system, take a close look at how our J6 Political Prisoners have been treated. Keep in mind, the Federal prosecutors are by law to charge any detainee with the highest crime they can reasonably expect to convict on. Most of these prisoners were originally charged with misdemeanors. It was only after someone raised a stink about it that at least some were additionally charged with felonies. Even so, many have languished for more than two years awaiting their constitutionally guaranteed “speedy trial”. Meanwhile, in NY, CA and elsewhere, alleged robbers, rapists, murderers and others are regularly released without bail. Yes, they are subject to different justice systems but you can bet even those alleged criminals would be screaming foul or even have their charges dropped if they were held for so long without bail – citing their United States Constitutional Rights.

While it seems unlikely former President Trump could spend even one day in jail, the potential is there and it is frightening. No, I really don’t think he would be murdered while behind bars. What I find discomforting is what such a turn of events could mean for the rest of us. Certainly I won’t back down from voicing my opinions, mild as they may be, but at what point would mere failure to parrot the party line result in scrutiny or even a 3AM visit from unnamed “authorities”. Think on that.

May our Heavenly Father bless you and keep you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.