Can a 60 Year-old Prophecy Be Coming True Today?

So today I listened to Lance Wallnau’s latest podcast on Rumble.  As usual, so much of what he says is not only pertinent, but speaks directly to my heart. And then there’s stuff like in the video below. Seriously… I don’t know where he comes up with this  things.  Before I go there, let me first expound on some highlights of what “I” took away from this podcast.

First, Lance talks about the current plight of Christians today. No, not the tribulations and abuse or other things, but rather, here we all are, facing the end times. Now what? You know I’ve asked this very thing myself.

Most fall within a couple of camps.

Camp 1: Well, the Rapture will save us all so all we need to do is sit back and wait.

Camp 2 is worse. They are simply preparing for the Great Tribulation. Laying in supplies and preparing to weather the coming storm… maybe just in case they miss the Rapture?

Lance offers another option: Occupy until Jesus comes! Imagine that?

While I never put it as eloquently as such, this is what I’ve been talking about. It makes no sense to simply sit on our cans and wait it all out. We have authority, we have power, let’s use it! In this nation especially, God has granted us the legal framework to govern ourselves. We also enjoy the express freedoms of speech and religion.  Even better, we’re already here – so all we need to to is stand up and claim what is rightfully ours!

So that part of Lance’s podcast spoke volumes to me. What else? He talked about speaking in tongues and how this creates an edifice within us. Now this one is a bit harder for me.  Not because I don’t speak in tongues. Shoot, I’ve been doing that for nearly five decades. What bothers me is I don’t seem to be seeing the fruit I think this should be bearing. Now this brings me to yet another takeaway…

Lance specifically said, “No, you are not too old!”. Well now. It is like he was speaking directly to me because it just seems so much has passed me by. Now I get the fact that Moses was 40 when he first stood up for people. Then he took off and it was another 40 years before he returned to Egypt so he was 80 when he confronted Pharaoh. And I know he’s not the only example. That much I get but none of this keeps me from feeling too old!

Well, here’s the entire podcast because what speaks to me may not be what speaks to you.


Then Lance talks about a prophet – Kenneth Hagin who in 1963 prophesied about communism coming to America as well as what happens next. I looked it up and added it below in its entirety.


Well there you have it. Now I admit certain prophecies tend to be vague enough to withstand just about any interpretation. I don’t see that here. Now I will say I still see communisms as merely a tool of the globalists and I contend the scriptures bear me out on this. The end game for American communists is not to establish a new national political-economic system but to hand our sovereignty over to a global regime.

So IS this 60 year-old prophecy coming true today? You tell me!