Police State Premiers Tomorrow – Not for ME!

Shocking but true, but here’s the thing. I can wait. That’s the gist of it. I’ve never been one to have to be anywhere “just because”. That said, I surely plan on seeing the movie.

Yesterday I saw an article on The Gateway Pundit further elaboriting on the plight of Joseph Bolanos, an elderly New Yorker was arrested by FBI and had his apartment ransacked for participating in the J6 rally in Washington D.C.. The reports say Mr. Bolanos never entered the Capital Building. Nor has any evidence been presented of him doing anything illegal. No charges were ever brought.

Until I saw the short, 56 second video on The Gateway Pundit, I never knew Joseph Bolanos existed. I had no idea of the raid, his arrest, nor of the stroke he suffered while in their custody that day. Why would I? None of this ever should have happened. There is no excuse. This is not my America. It is yours?

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for more information about the availability of this movie before I decide. While I’d prefer to stream it, our internet is somewhat “iffy”. Some things stream quite well while other things simply suck. Amazon Prime, for all the rah-rah and touting, isn’t worth watching most of the time. I avoid it at all costs and when I do watch it, it’s a crapshoot. On the other hand, I watched the entire series “The Chosen” streamed from Angel Studios with very few issues. Long story short, we may be headed for the theater again, depending on the incremental costs.