Chris Kuehne and My Case for J6 Political Prisoner Reparations

Considering the events described here by The Gateway Pundit, this goes far beyond reparations. In fact, on days like today when I first learned of Chris Kuehne wife, Annette and their son’s ordeal, I wish I WAS a lawyer. The FIB’s and anyone else involved in this atrocity should be sued to the limits. Compare these events to ALL the cases against Donald J. Trump.

This from The Gateway Pundit article:

Chris Kuehne was sentenced on Friday, February 23, 2024 in a DC courtroom.

Chris, a decorated war veteran who was picking up trash inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to:
** 75 days in prison
** 60 days of home detention
** 2 years of probation.

Read the whole article to discover what his poor wife and child were subject to in order to force him to receive this “punishment” for his actions on January 6, 2021. Know this: I am making NO judgements concerning actual guilt or innocence here other than to again state unequivocally there is absolutely NO WAY this man received a fair trial. I have yet to see ANY evidence made public to  justify the extremes the FIB’s and the DOiJ (Department of inJustice) went to achieve this result.

Hence my continued call for reparations. Again I  have NO PROBLEM with laws being enforced or lawbreakers being prosecuted but what happened to “let the punishment fit the crime?’ What crime did that four-year-old commit to suffer as he did – not only on that 12 degree morning but all this time since then? What crime did Annette Kuehne commit? Neither have been charged to my knowledge and even if they had, it is customary for suspects in this country to actually be tried and convicted before punishment is inflicted.

ALL of this must stop – not JUST from January 6 either. NO citizen should be subject to such treatment. We have due process in this country. We have the right to a speedy trial. We have protection against cruel and unusual punishment and, by the way, if it is NOT unusual for a citizen to be held in appalling conditions, without medical care, without proper food, shelter, and clothing, then this, too, needs to change.

I grew up thinking things are better here in this nation – WE are better. It is becoming more and more obvious just how wrong I’ve been.

Here’s that link again:

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