Right MSNBS?

So here’s another one from The National File

Video: MSNBC Says Rights Come from Government, Not God, and You’re a Christian Nationalist if You Think Otherwise

I can NOT let this slide!

Of course, first, I’d have to ask how MSNBS defines “Christian Nationalist”. It’s not that I have any objection to the term as I understand it but let’s get a few things straight:

I am NOT a “republican”. Yes, I am registered as such but the fact is I despise party politics because all political parties are statists at heart.

I am NOT a “libertarian”.  Of course one must distinguish between someone who belongs to the “libertarian party” (I’m sure you know my thoughts on that one!) and someone who has a general affinity for libertarian ideas. To that end I do agree with many libertarian ideas but we have our differences also.

I am NOT a “conservative”. Again there’s the “party” and the ideas they promote and again, I share some of the ideas.

I MIGHT be considered a “nationalist”. It depends on how you mean. If being a nationalist means being opposed to statist concepts, I’m all in.

I MIGHT be considered a “constitutionalist”. Definitions mean a lot. Here I fully support the concept of a limited government by the People. I’m all in on self-governing. The problem is, as a nation, we’ve strayed far from this ideal.

I AM CERTAINLY an individualist. I have my own thoughts and ideas on just about everything. We may agree or disagree on a little or a lot. Either way, that’s okay.

And as long as the folks as MSNBS brought it up

I AM A CHRISTIAN – at least I confess Jesus as Lord and believe God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9), along with some other things. Some of my siblings in Christ may doubt my status but I’m willing to leave it to God Almighty to make that final determination. (Like I have a choice 🙂

So let’s  consider just the headline from The National File and the allusion concerning “rights”.

First and foremost MSNBS, y’all can bite me. I really, really do not give a whit about your opinion concerning me. This is for those with enough brains and inquisitiveness to seek out this post and consider these words in earnest.

Now about their contention that “rights come from government, not from God”, um, ahem, I hate to be the one to point this out but you folks a full of “it”.  If you believe in any god then how can you deny your own god? For the rest of you, I need to point out, even if you shun any “god”, then government IS your god. Oh. Let me spell it out for you.

You see, “government” is NOT an “entity”. Government is much like a rock in the yard, except the rock actually has a physical form. Government is what y’all like to call a “social construct”.  As such “government” is no more tangible than any god worshiped by men over the centuries. Now let’s get down to some brass tacks, shall we?

In our nation, as I like to say, WE the People ARE the Government. You got that? Now, we are not god, no, not at all. However WE did not and do not “grant” rights. We accept them aseither God-given or natural rights. Take your pick. Once again, since humans naturally tend to seek out something greater than ourselves, i.e. “God”, to argue against the origin of our natural rights can be prohibitively  problematic.  In any true logical debate, God wins. Sorry.

As for you folks, well, y’all seem to think in terms of “our betters” – you know, the elites. And who are they but “godlike creatures” in human form? What makes them better, after all? Do they sport super powers? Are they endowed with far greater intelligence? Have they been blessed (careful now!) with superior morality? I could go on but the sheer ridiculousness of this line of thought is embarrassing. Let’s face it, you are sinking in your own cesspool of shit.

Let’s keep this simple because, really, between whoever came out with such a foolish idea and myself, only one of us is truly capable of thought and if you’re thumping your chest right now, I see no point in trying to ‘splain it further. For the rest of us, I’ll offer this (hopefully) succinct answer.

The concept of “rights” cannot come from “government” because “government” can never be sentient. Nor can rights come from humans because no one human or group of humans can qualify to grant rights. In short, rights are something every human is born with. It’s a package deal. Just like the very basic human right to defend oneself, our rights are instinctive and as such are inseparable from our very existence.