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It’s not my fault if the author says almost everything I’ve been saying! Seriously, I agree with so much of what Mr. Jacob G. Hornberger has to say on liberty here – both past and present with one serious exception. His timeline pegs the beginning of the decline of our liberty at 1913 when the IRS and Federal Reserve were created. My current inclination is to move the timeline back further to the “War to Prevent Southern Independence” a term coined by Dr. Charles Pace in the book linked above – aka “The Civil War”.

One could move the timeline even further back but it wasn’t until Lincoln waged a massively bloody war against the so-called “sovereign” states that decided they’d been abused enough.

Both the book above and the article below (h/t zerohedge) are good reads.

A couple of side notes about Dr. Pace’s book.

First the link is NOT an affiliate link. I could put one in but for the moment I’d rather just recommend the book.

Second, I’ve found a number of parallels applicable to events happening today. For instance Dr. Pace notes while “slavery” was a issue pushed by Lincoln’s crowd, many in the North did not care one way or another. Once they were properly propagandized to the point where they properly hated slavery, many nodded ascent to the idea. However since they neither owned slaves themselves nor knew nothing of those who did, they were duped into the false belief that the South was entirely evil in this practice. This tracks with the push to eliminate guns today. In addition Dr. Pace paints a radically different picture of slavery in the South – one that may give you pause for thought on the entire issue.

The Destruction of American Liberty

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P.S. The entire title to Dr. Pace’s book is below. He does not insist on being called “doctor” but he is a medical doctor, an ophthalmologist by trade so I feel he has well-earned this due respect.

Southern Independence: Why War?: The War to Prevent Southern Independence