Open Letter Supporting Lunenburg’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

To whom it may concern,

I, Andrew Havens, citizen of these United States for America and of the Commonwealth of Virginia, resident of Lunenburg County, Virginia, do hereby declare my full support for a resolution declaring Lunenburg County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

While such action should not be necessary, I contend it is absolutely necessary for the following reasons:

A majority of politicians either currently in public office or slated to be sworn into public office on 8 January 2020 have made it known they fully intend to propose and pass unlawful legislation further restricting the rights of citizens of the commonwealth.

Said rights are God-given, guaranteed by both the Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. These rights belong to the citizens by birth.

At no time has anyone elected, appointed or otherwise employed by the citizens of this commonwealth or this nation been granted authority to restrict or amend any of our God-given rights.

Such actions constitute usurpation of authority and are therefore treasonous. Treasonous actions such as these are subject to immediate disqualification and removal from any public office and criminal charges filed.

Our constitutions – federal and state – were meant as limiting documents. The intent then and now is to limit what those selected are empowered to do in service to us citizens. In no way shape or manner were they ever intended to grant unlimited power and authority to any group or individual.

The resolution before the Lunenburg Board of Supervisors merely acknowledges our rights as citizens to stand up and claim what is rightfully ours – our birthrights.

I commend the Lunenburg Board of Supervisors for their brave stand against tyrannical politicians determined to run roughshod over our rights as citizens.

We citizens must also stand with the Board and other citizens in Virginia as well as our nation and demand not only such actions stop but the restoration of our birthright in the liberties intended by Almighty God and guaranteed by the founding documents of our nation and states.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew M. Havens