Got a Smart Phone? They Know EXACTLY Where You Are!

This is science, not some “conspiracy theory”. Follow the article below and take a gander at the pictures. See all those green dots? Each one represents a person with a smart phone. Check out the locations – The New York Stock Exchange, The Pentagon, The White House. No one is hidden. What does this mean?

Consider the recent attacks on the sitting President of the United States. No, not physical attacks. Not so much the political attacks by Democrats in Congress. Consider the surveillance attacks – the effort to find something, anything to accuse the man. Again, I do not care about your politics. I do not give a whit about what you think of the man – he IS the President of the most powerful nation on earth and he is NOT PROTECTED FROM DEEP STATE ATTACKS! Are you getting this? He is surrounded by armed guards and the best security measures our money can buy and yet he can be located by a device you hold in your hand daily. But wait! There’s more!

Not only can you be found, you can be tracked. Your communications are not secure. Just recently a seriously technical article was published announcing the cracking one of the most sophisticated cryptographic algorithms in record time. Not too long ago I heard bragging that it would take all the computing power of the NSA years to crack a certain code. Not so much. My point is, your data is not safe. What you say is not safe. YOU are not safe! In other words nothing exists to protect anyone against a determined enemy… except, of course, God Himself.

Scoff if you will but this is the one truth you can rely on. This does not mean you cannot die – ask the only begotten Son of God – Jesus the Messiah. Nor does it mean you cannot end up in prison – ask Paul of Tarsus. Whether your personal life or freedom will be spared is not for me to say. Eternally speaking, all of those to accept salvation via Jesus the Messiah will live. Here on earth? Not so much. That said, God Almighty has indeed gifted those of us born in these United States with a constitutional republic. We are born citizens with certain absolute guarantees of our God-given rights and liberties. We have also been gifted self-rule by a limited government. What have we done with these gifts?

We have pissed them away. We have failed to hold those we chose to represent us accountable and they have run wild. They have gone rogue where now they’ve accumulated the tools to turn the tables. They have revolted and taken over our nation in a bloodless coup.

Some say the attacks on President Trump amount to an attempted coup. I disagree. The coup happened long ago. When Trump was elected, it was essentially an effort by the citizens of this nation to return power to us. We did this in ignorance. We failed to face the gravity, much less the reality of what is really going on in our nation’s capitol. Now it should be clear to all. There is a power struggle in our nation. The struggle is not between politicians – Democrats and Republicans – they are more or less united in their desire to rule. The struggle is not between the politicians and President Trump. Even so, the President is one of the few unveiling the truth of this matter. Whether this was intention or not, it is so. The struggle, dear citizens, is between those rogues who have for decades – DECADES – stolen our tax dollars, our dignity and even our very liberty from us. It is time to pull the plug.

The Deep State actors will do all in their power to stop us. They watch us, they make every effort to control us at every turn. If need be they will fabricate whatever they need to in order to move forward in their efforts to rule us. Don’t believe me? Look closely at this sham the politicians call an “Impeachment”.

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Tyler Durden @ reports on a NYT article.