National Guardsman: “We will not comply” if ordered by Virginia governor to arrest police, confiscate guns

This from a new addition to our links pages – Law Enforcement Today. The article offers an extensive, if dated overview of the 2A Sanctuary movement. It includes some information I have not found anywhere else while covering a lot of ground.

One insight was an anonymous email they say they received from someone purporting to be a congresscritter. Granted the author of the email certainly demonstrated enough ignorance to be an elected politician but such was the only evidence supporting the claim. Besides who ever heard of a politician who didn’t want his/her name out there?

Like anything else you read on the internet, use your discretion. After all even “I” may have made at least on error at some point. 🙂


An excerpt from the site’s Editor:

In the increased advancement of the infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights, a member of the Virginia National Guard is putting his/her state legislators on notice.

He’s submitted a powerful response to an article we ran recently about lawmakers in that state threatening to call in the Guard to confiscate guns and arrest the cops that refuse to violate then Constitution.

For obvious reasons, the name of this writer has been kept anonymous.

Read the whole thing here